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Finding Emotion in Tranquility and Restraint


The residential system creates separation: internal/external, self/other, but it also has the opportunity to focus, to connect, and to be a pathway to complementing a greater sense of potential self. Whether simple or complex, it is an “observation” filtered through the resident’s deep dialog with self.

wmt studio 3

The form of the space itself has been consciously subsided, leaving room for the inhabitants to write their own personalities and rules, and you will find it full of pure lines, localized sculptural beauty and expressive marble. It possesses decorative qualities that soothe the mind, drawing inspiration solely from nature.

wmt studio 4

Your eye travels from right to left, through the dining room and into the living area. Everything – objects, furniture and lighting – follows a harmonious order.
French windows and doors serve as a transition between vintage architecture and modern interiors while being in constant dialog with the natural surroundings. Neutral micro-cement finishes act as an intermediary between light and space, allowing soft light to filter through and whisper a conversation with every surface, texture and detail.
In addition to focusing on the visual senses, we have considered the experience of the other senses—the ability to feel the details with the appropriate body part as the occupant walks on the floor, sits in a chair, or handles certain objects.

wmt studio 2

The soft seating feel of the GUBI Stay Lounge Collection sofa, with a shape that embraces the client and encourages them to sit down, brings a unique sense of looseness to the living room space for relaxation and quiet reading.
B&B’s coffee table features a large number of strong, bold stylistic features, with a single layer of glass placed on a pyramid-shaped black metal frame that collides and blends artfully with the antique side table.
Fritzhansen’s wicker lounge chair echoes the view from the window, adding a sense of nature to the space.

wmt studio 11

The wool rug on the floor has a low-saturation yellow-green color with warmth and texture. The cleanly styled USM cabinetry differentiates the space well and provides space for displays and books.
The marble center island seamlessly combines utility with form, proportion and sculpture. Creating a striking focal point.
The Knoll round dining table is graceful and fluid, softening the hard architectural lines and accommodating the varied dining chairs, while the natural slate countertop echoes the materiality of the island.The Fritzhansen chandelier is shaped like a seashell, with a soft glow emanating through the opal glass, making every meal a pleasure.

wmt studio 12

The staircase becomes the crossroads of spatial function, and the curved spread of interlacing creates a sense of flowing rhythm. Descending the stairs, the lower level is designed as a space for relaxation and entertainment, as well as storage for carry-out items (including wine tasting, audio-visual, luggage storage, shoe and bag storage). The design follows the principles of geometric modernism, with hand-chiseled columns and veined marble creating a unique fusion of Fauvism and luxury. Rounded windows mimic the sky’s light, enriching the ceiling’s formal language and integrating a sense of natural spaciousness into the interior.

wmt studio 9

The ligne-roset Ploum sofa offers the ultimate in comfort, with a unique fabric in pastel tones that brightens up the ground floor lounge space and contrasts with the brown leather of the fritzhansen lounge chair. The antique wooden square stool as a side table blends nicely into the space and adds to the antique vibe.

wmt studio 8

Moving up the stairs, each space has its unique sound, and ‘ritual’ becomes integral to the bedroom space. Here, the bedroom is positioned to receive the most sunlight during the day, removing external distractions. Lying quietly with gentle music, the day’s fatigue is soothed and dissipated by the fragrance of herbs. Shelves and display spaces collect, store, and activate images of the resident’s remembered experiences.

wmt studio 6

The USM cabinet and antique wooden bench serve as a bedside table, both simple and generous, and embellished with an antique flavor. And the grouping of USM is in the form of pulleys, which can satisfy the versatility to a greater extent; the SANTA & COLE table lamp on the bedside of the cherry wood structure supports the opal glass lampshade, which emits soft light and brings a cozy atmosphere. Every corner is carefully designed and conceptualized to become a “sense of life” and a temple of everyday life.

wmt studio 5

Project Location / Ningbo, China; Project Area / 350m²; Design Team / OUTIN.Design; Interior Design / WMT.Studio; Soft Furnishing Display / SIBAN.Studio; Space Photography / ACT Studio;

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