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Blue Ocean Apartment by Freeform Design


Freeform Design was commissioned by Jiuzhou Holdings Group to conceive the interior design of an apartment that combines fashionable style with artistic quality, catering to the needs of the new generation of urban dwellers. Freeform Design recognizes that the new generation places great importance on personalized design, ambiance, and functional versatility in their living spaces. For young individuals, a home is not just a place to rest, but also a space that caters to their work, social interactions, hobbies, entertainment, living and various other needs.

Blue Ocean Apartment 006

The functional layout of the project breaks away from the conventional monotonous functional division and shifts its focus towards the needs of residents. This approach leads to a transformable functional arrangement that adapts to the evolving needs of the residents and results in a multifunctional living environment, thus offering more freedom and possibilities for the occupants.

Blue Ocean Apartment 015

The unbounded space allows for an undefined lifestyle. Without any exact division of functions, the space features a flexible circulation route. The multifunctional workspace can serve as a comfortable office area, a pleasant social venue, or even an ideal utopia for home living.

Blue Ocean Apartment 016

The space is designed with a concise pure white color scheme to create a classy and fashionable atmosphere. The overall layout is precise and well-organized, with a touch of elegant purple as an accent color, setting the tone for a refined lifestyle. The design embraces the unpretentious simplicity of modern urbanism, avoiding any unharmonious embellishments. The interior design highlights transparency and freedom of life and caters to the spiritual needs of contemporary urbanites.

Blue Ocean Apartment 019

The irregular-shaped Fragment lamp shows a unique design that features fantastic artistry and a futuristic metallic texture. The special-shaped workbench and modern, simple chairs complement each other, creating an artistic vibe throughout the space.

Blue Ocean Apartment 021

The round bar made of natural marble is seamlessly integrated with the workbench, creating a harmonious balance between the work and play areas. Slim metal bookshelves are positioned against the wall, elegantly displaying music albums and fashion magazines.

Blue Ocean Apartment 018

The functionality of the apartment is not simply defined, but can flexibly adapts to the needs of the residents. The rest area is designed to be multi-functional, with upholstered fabric sofa and a bookshelf wall that showcases books and collectible art installations.

Blue Ocean Apartment 005

The grid sliding door can fit different scenes. When a rest or private space is required, it can be closed to create a partition screen, dividing the space and creating a separate world. At normal times, the door can be opened and retracted to one side, creating a translucent wall that enriches the engaging atmosphere of the home.

Blue Ocean Apartment 007

The space provides a peaceful and cozy environment for a time in solitude, where dwellers can indulge in reading, relaxation, enjoying the harmonious melody of music, and basking in the gentle rays of the sun that freely enter the space. Not limited to any specific function, this space is enveloped in the softness of white, creating a sense of tranquility and freedom.

Blue Ocean Apartment 012

The multi-functional rest area can be easily transformed to cater to various life scenes. It can serve as a reception area, a leisure & party space, or even a sleeping area, depending on the needs at hand. The flexible modular sofa allows for seamless scene transitions through the free combination of blocks, creating a more organized and efficient lifestyle.

Blue Ocean Apartment 008

The enclosed sofa creates a closer proximity for gatherings of friends, creating a delightful atmosphere for intimate chatting and drinking. Additionally, the geometric table, which serves as a storage unit, can easily be transformed into an interactive table for the reception of guests.

Interior design: Freeform Design; Design director: Henk Xiao; Design team: Qing Li, Xu Yin, Jing Tan; Client: Jiuzhou Holdings Group; Architectural design: SOM; Location: Zhuhai, Guangdong, China; Project area: 67㎡; Photography: Jack Qin;

Blue Ocean Apartment 010