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Decorating Your Child’s Room: A Fun and Engaging Guide


A child’s room is a place where they spend a lot of time, both for play and rest. Children’s desire to decorate their own room can vary greatly depending on their age, personality and interests. In general, you can expect children to start showing an interest in being involved in decisions about their room and its decoration at different stages of their development.

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Here are some guidelines:

Preschool age (2-5 years): At an early age, children are usually more interested in having a playful and colorful interior that reflects their favorite characters or themes. They may express requests for specific colors or designs, and you can include them by asking what they like.

School age (6-11 years): During this period, children can develop more specific interests and tastes. They may have favorite colors, sports, or hobbies that they want to include in their room. It’s a good time to involve them in furniture and decor decisions.

Teens (ages 12 and up): Teens usually have strong opinions about how they want their room to look. They may want more grown-up furniture and decor. It is important to give them space to express their own style and be involved in decisions about the interior.

In every age group, it is important to communicate with your child and let them be involved in the decision-making process as much as possible. It can be a fun and rewarding experience for both parents and children to create a room that truly reflects the child’s personality and interests.

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Here are some important points to consider when decorating a children’s room:

Comfort: Children should feel comfortable and happy in their rooms. It is their personal space where they can be themselves and express their personality. Involving them in decorating decisions can be very rewarding and help them feel ownership of their room.

Creativity: Creating an environment that encourages creativity is important. Wallpaper with an imaginative or inspiring scene can be a great starting point for the child’s imagination. It can be a place for them to dream and make up stories.

Storage: Storage of toys is also crucial. A neat and organized place for toys helps to avoid clutter and makes it easier for children to find and use their toys. Shelves, drawers or a toy box can be useful.

Colorful and playful: Children usually appreciate colorful and playful environments. Colors can affect one’s mood and energy. Wallpaper with lively colors and motifs can really enhance the character and joy of the room.

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Here are some ideas for decorating a children’s room with a Photowall photo wallpaper:

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Fantasy world: A popular idea is to create a fantasy world with a photo wallpaper that shows a magical forest scenario with unicorns, fairies or other fairytale creatures. This will stimulate the child’s imagination and create a dream-like atmosphere.

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Space theme: If your child loves space, consider a space themed wall mural. It can be a picture of the starry sky, planets or even a space rocket. This will give the room a sense of adventure and exploration.

Animal world: Another option is to use a photo wallpaper with an image of jungle or savanna wildlife. It can include lions, elephants, giraffes and other animals. It is both educational and exciting for children.

Superhero theme: If your child has a favorite superhero, you can use a wall mural of that superhero in an action-packed scene. This gives the room a cool and heroic feel.

Under the sea theme: Create an underwater world with fish, mermaids and sea life. This can be especially attractive to children who love the sea and its inhabitants.

Good luck decorating the children’s room! Here you will find inspiration for decorating children’s rooms.

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