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9 Trending Interior Paint Colors for 2024


Now that 2024’s just around the corner, color experts dropped their picks on the hottest colors of the year. Next year’s paint colors are a variation of pastel hues, shocking blues, and moody shades, so everyone will have their choice depending on the style or ambiance they want to convey. In collaboration with the experts from Soho Painters, here are seven trending interior paint colors for 2024 that promise to be the talk of the town.

trending interior paint colors 2

1. Peach Fuzz by Pantone

Pantone’s color of the year introduces a subtle warmth to your home’s interior. True to its name, Peach Fuzz is a soft, peachy hue perfect for creating a tranquil and inviting atmosphere. 

Since Pantone has chosen a color that they hope evokes the feeling of “innate yearning for closeness and connection,” we recommend incorporating this delightful shade in areas where relaxation and comfort are paramount, such as bedrooms or cozy reading nooks. Pair it with neutral tones for a sophisticated and timeless look.

trending interior paint colors 3

2. Blue Nova by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s Blue Nova promises to bring a touch of cosmic elegance to your home. This deep and mysterious blue is poised to be a favorite among many in 2024.

With the perfect balance of blue and purple, you can place this mid-tone blue as an accent wall to create depth and intrigue in a room. If you want to be bold, you can use this in key areas of your home, like the living room or dining space.

Benjamin Moore suggests you pair it with their Paper White, Mount Saint Anne, Monterey White, and Quincy Tan shades to create the perfect combination for intersecting modern and traditional styles.

trending interior paint colors 4

3. Cracked Pepper by Behr 

Behr’s Cracked Pepper adds a bold and beautiful statement to any room.  This rich, dark charcoal hue exudes confidence and modernity, making it an ideal choice for a contemporary aesthetic. But it’s also neutral enough to blend well with any style to incorporate it into your home, no matter your aesthetic.

If you’re intimidated by this soft black shade, add it as an accent wall in a living room or dining area. The deep color adds depth without overpowering the space, creating a perfect balance. But if you’re brave enough to cover the whole room with this paint color, it can provide an empowering and sophisticated touch to elevate your senses.

trending interior paint colors 5

4. Bay Blue by Minwax

Minwax introduces Bay Blue as their pick for 2024’s color of the year. The shade evokes the serene ambiance of coastal waters, combining tranquility and sophistication.

But Bay Blue is more than just another shade of blue since it offers depth and versatility. This color blends seamlessly with various design elements, whether you apply it to walls, furniture, or accents. It offers a refreshing and calming atmosphere reminiscent of tranquil seaside sceneries. 

Its subtle undertones also make it a perfect choice for spaces that aim to strike a balance between modern elegance and natural serenity. 

trending interior paint colors 6

5. Limitless by Glidden

Limitless by Glidden introduces a burst of versatile vibrancy to 2024’s color palette. This buttercream yellow seamlessly blends with various decor styles, making it a go-to choice for a cheerful and modern feel.

Since it mixes well with warm and cool tones, it offers endless possibilities for personalization. You can use it in large spaces, such as the kitchen walls or cabinets. It will look great on the ceiling or moldings if you want to incorporate it as an accent color. Its warmth and lightness make a room feel inviting, so it’s best to apply it in areas where family and friends gather often. 

trending interior paint colors 7

6. Chocolate Cherry by Rust-Oleum 

From its name alone, Rust-Oleum’s Chocolate Cherry brings a decadent delight to your home. This deep brown hue adds a touch of opulence and warmth to any space, and its earthy tones reel it in from being overwhelming to paint a whole room.

Incorporate Chocolate Cherry where you want a cozy and inviting atmosphere, such as bedrooms or living rooms. Consider combining it with gold or brass accents to enhance its luxurious appeal.

trending interior paint colors 8

7. Bluebird by Krylon

Krylon’s Bluebird introduces a serene sky tone to the color trends for 2024. This light and airy blue is perfect for creating an energetic and joyful environment in your home.

Since this hue packs a punch, incorporate it in areas where you want to create a bold statement, like the living room or outdoors. Pair it with white or light gray furnishings to encapsulate a contemporary and uplifting ambiance.

trending interior paint colors 9

8. Ironside by Dutch Boy

Ironside by Dutch Boy brings an industrial chic vibe to the forefront of next year’s interior design trends. This deep, muted gray is versatile and pairs well with various materials, making it suitable for modern and classic interiors.

Use Ironside in rooms where you want to add a sophisticated touch, like lounge spaces, dens, or studies. It works especially well in spaces with ample natural light. Consider incorporating industrial-inspired furniture and decor elements to complement this stylish hue.

trending interior paint colors 11

9. Viridis by Graham & Brown

Viridis by Graham & Brown is destined to be a defining color of 2024. Derived from the Latin word for green, Viridis encapsulates the essence of lush landscapes and verdant foliage. This vibrant green hue brings a sense of renewal and vitality to your interior walls, creating spaces that resonate with freshness and energy.

On the flip side, this wall color is a bold choice if you want to infuse your home with character and flair. Use this in the entrance or entertainment spaces to effectively invigorate your home’s energy.

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