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Cang 41 by JUMGO Creative


After the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics, people’s enthusiasm for winter sports, such as skiing, has been reignited. Chongli, a town known for skiing, has also re-catched people’s attention.

cang 41 jumgo design 17

For Skiers, Chongli means more than a small town in Hebei. Therefore, a group of passionate skiers came up with an idea to establish a unique and professional coffee bar in here. The new business mode and local culture have generated new collisions and integration. The brand has invited JUMGO as one of the founders responsible for the strategic design, creating the concept of “ North Latitude 41° Ski cellar,” which is the origin of the name- “Cang 41.”

cang 41 jumgo design 16

The first step in attracting consumers is to have an appealing storefront. In addition to that, an excellent brand needs to integrate with the local environment.Considering the prime operating season of Cang 41 undoubtedly is the snowy season, the designer comes up with the concept of a “sanctuary in snow,” drawing inspiration from “polar research stations.” With this concept, the storefront of Cang 41 has been designed to be the most visually striking in a snowy world.

cang 41 jumgo design 18

When we talk about romantic relationships, people often say, we firstly attracted by the outside but ultimately enchanted by the inside. The same principle applies to brand development. In terms of functional planning, the designer intends to incorporate various business forms into the space. The relationship between the “inside” and the “outside” is established through an “indifferent” door. Once you open the door and step into the space, a warm scene that contrasts with the cold snowy world will unfold before your eyes in an untraditional way.

cang 41 jumgo design 15

The spatial planning clearly separates the areas of darkness and lightness, catering to the form of a daytime café and a nighttime bar. Visitors can experience the gradual transition of spatial functions within the limited space.
Creating a small but exquisite space is an effective tool for a new brand to quickly establish trust with customers. The designer hopes that customers can find their own space within the space, regardless of the time or mood.

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From a business perspective, the designer certainly hopes that Cang 41 can become an instant hit and continue to attract customers, rather than becoming a trendy shop that loses popularity after the marketing hype dies down. The key to retaining customers lies in the products and details. Therefore, the brand places great emphasis on product development and meticulous attention to detail.

cang 41 jumgo design 14

Independent artists have customized a series of installations called “Seed Repository” for Cang 41. This creative concept brings rare greenery to the winter landscape of Chongli, creating a soothing atmosphere that uplifts the mood.

The furniture is also independently developed, adding more playful and funny elements while maintaining the brand’s overall tone and style.

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With the idea of establishing a unique business model, we continuously engage in deeper reflections on business while serving brands. Whether it’s participating in the construction of new brands or focusing solely on space design, our commitment to breaking through in design and products remains unchanged. Beyond aesthetics, we aim to create an experience where customers can truly feel the brand’s meticulous attitude.

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Cang 41 is not just a business of a group of people pursuing their interests; it is also an “ideal sanctuary.”

As a new brand born in the skiing paradise, Cang 41 undoubtfully embrace business potential which is evident from its initial idea to its successful completion and wide popularity. Starting from Chongli, the brand has begun planning for its next store, with the goal of further expanding its influence.

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Project Name: Cang 41; Project Location: Chongli,Hebei, China; Project Area: 270㎡; Opening Date: 2023.10; Design Firm: JUMGO Creative;

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