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Top Design Tips To Help You Maintain Privacy: A Guide For Inner City Dwellers


Living in the inner city has its benefits. You’re close to all the culture, art, lifestyle, entertainment and cuisine. The commute to work is a breeze, and you’re never far away from a shop that you need. Concerts, galleries, bars and more are all often a short walk or public transport trip away. 

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Even if it can be expensive, many people prefer to live in the inner city. However, it’s important to keep in mind that city living can often come at other costs, such as a lack of privacy. Those who live in inner-city housing can sometimes feel as though they live far too close to their neighbours, resulting in a sense of limited privacy. 

Thankfully, there are actually ways that you can design your home and garden or balcony space so that your inner city dwelling feels more private or secure, and we’ll be sharing our top methods for doing just that today. So read on to learn how you can design for privacy as an inner city resident.

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Invest In Your Fencing

Aluminium slat fencing or other high, secure fencing is an excellent investment for those living in the inner city who value their privacy. A sturdy, high fence can provide privacy, especially if you get one that is high enough to keep prying eyes away. In addition to offering valuable privacy, a sturdy fence will also provide security for your property. Fencing can deter robbers and other nefarious sorts, who will often opt for the easier, softer target. So, if your fence is too short or is otherwise worn down, rusted or rotting, a new fence with well-spaced slats should be one of the first answers to your privacy problems. 

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Install Plantation Shutters

Speaking of well-spaced slats, even window coverings can be installed for privacy alongside light control. Plantation shutters and window dressings that offer improved privacy. These shutters are wooden or plastic slatted blinds that are nestled inside their frame and are mounted to your window sill or door frame. The slats, otherwise known as louvres – can be tilted from a fully opened position to a fully closed one and can be angled anywhere between these two options, allowing you to fully control airflow, visibility and light through the room where they’re installed. 

These excellent window dressings offer complete privacy because once they’re shut, they will entirely obscure the room they protect. This means they are a top choice for living, dining, bathrooms and other frequently used rooms. In addition to the privacy benefits, they offer improved thermal insulation as well, helping to keep your home cool in summer and hot in winter and reducing the costs of your heating and cooling bills. 

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Design With Frosted Glass

Another top privacy design tip for inner city dwellers is frosted glass panels. Frosted glass is opaque, which means it allows light through, but you can’t see through it from inside or out. This means that your nosy neighbours can’t see into your home, and you can’t see outside it – offering complete privacy for both sides of the fence. 

In addition to its privacy offerings, frosted glass also happens to look stylish and timeless. This unique glass has been used in the construction of homes for decades now, and has really never gone out of style. If your bathroom doesn’t already have frosted glass windows, you can easily add them in to enjoy more natural light without having to sacrifice your privacy at home.

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Embrace Colour With Stained Glass

Love a little showmanship in your interior design schemes? Then you’ll be sure to jump at the chance to design your interiors with a little stained glass. Like frosted glass, this particularly gorgeous privacy solution is perfect for facilitating the flow of natural light into your home whilst still securing your interiors. 

Not to mention that stained glass panels are truly perfect for your front door. A stained glass panel on your front door will look amazing, and you can have a design commissioned to match your unique aesthetic. Think flowers, animals, abstract designs or more. No matter what kinds of patterns you go for, your stained glass is still guaranteed to look fantastic whilst also providing some much-needed privacy for your front entrance if you live in a crowded, inner-city suburb. Delivery drivers, neighbours and passersby can admire the artwork, but they can’t see into your hallway or front room.

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Use Living Green Screens In Your Backyard

Using vegetation as a gorgeous living shield can be a fantastic way to boost the privacy of your inner city home while also beautifying your outdoor space. Bamboo is an excellent choice for a green screen, but it grows swiftly and may require some ongoing maintenance. Another option is to create a vertical green screen garden with a climbing vine or other spreading plant that will look incredible while providing essential privacy. 

This option can also work for studio apartments that have smaller balcony spaces rather than gardens or courtyards. Simply set up a trellis around the edge of your balcony and grow some vines or fast-growing plants like jasmine to create a natural screen. Not only will you be able to enjoy some extra greenery and floral aromas, but you can also boost your apartment’s privacy in a major way.

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Install A Video Doorbell

Finally, if you live in an older apartment building and don’t have the luxury of video intercom systems, you can still install a WiFi-enabled video doorbell by your door for added security. An innovative video doorbell system is a great privacy feature for inner-city dwellers. Anyone coming to the door, such as a courier, food delivery service or other worker, will need to press the button so you can see who is there. The same applies to guests. This is a great privacy feature for avoiding unwanted door-knockers, such as salespeople, charity fundraisers, or potential trade scammers.

This helpful article shares our top design tips to help inner city dwellers maintain privacy. From fencing, window dressings, frosted glass and green screens, these design hacks will keep you and your home secure, safe and in comfortable privacy. 

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