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Small Format Tile Inspired by Traditional Portuguese Bricks


High gloss and colour block for Luz, Marazzi’s new small-format porcelain stoneware inspired by the classic aesthetics of hand-enamelled Portuguese bricks. This collection is now part of the Crogiolo anthology, a series of floor and wall tiles that pays homage to Marazzi‘s past while embracing the future of industrial craft.

luz marazzi 6

The name Crogiolo holds historical meaning for Marazzi, referring to the industrial area where the brand was born in the 1930s, between the railway and the canal in Modena. It also symbolises the birthplace of the “Il Crogiolo” research and experimental laboratory in the 1980s. There, architects, designers, artists and photographers engaged in an uninhibited interpretation of ceramics, resulting in Marazzi’s ‘Sperimentazioni’ tiles, created by such luminaries as Roger Capron, Amleto Dalla Costa, Original Designers, Saruka Nagasawa and Robert Gligorov, with photographic contributions by Luigi Ghirri, Cuchi White and Charles Traub.

luz marazzi 5

Luz is the new addition to the Crogiolo collection – a small tile with an artisanal look meticulously reproduced through industrial processes. Notable are its semi-formed edges, an innovative detail that introduces subtle irregularities to the surface while maintaining straight edges at the bottom for precise installation.

luz marazzi 4

The Luz tile recaptures the charm of Portuguese handmade ceramics, where irregularities emphasise the authenticity and purity of a natural product, highlighting the uniqueness of each tile. Characterised by vibrant, polished colours, a glossy and wavy surface, and irregular edges that evoke an artisinal aesthetic, Luz breathes life into surfaces that exude iridescence, reflecting a tradition that is constantly evolving and renewing itself.

luz marazzi 2

luz marazzi 3

luz marazzi 7

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