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Boko House by Hiroyasu Imai


Renovation of second-used apartment a married couple and two cats coexist. Hiroyasu Imai architects aimed to make a house that allows humans and cats to live comfortably within 65㎡, a typical room size in Japan.

boko house hiroyasu imai 2

We attempted to design the house from both human and cat’s perspective (Way of Life, Habits, and Safety).

boko house hiroyasu imai 3

By reducing rooms and making detour Circulation, we achieved depth and mutation. We applied a 350 mm gap under the shelves, kitchen, and washbasin.

boko house hiroyasu imai 4

To humans, it functions as a partition and to feel depth and space. To cats, it functions as one big plaza and place to hide from humans. Moreover, it improves ventilation and good traffic lines for robot vacuum cleaners.

boko house hiroyasu imai 1

We also applied steps in the shelves, spy-holes, and catwalk under the beams to extend the cats’ vertical circulations. As for humans, Spyholes in the shelves can be used as a projector and other devices.

boko house hiroyasu imai 5

By incorporating cat perspectives into the design of the residence, we were able to create a state of richness where different scales, habits, and spheres of activity overlap and fit together in one room.

boko house hiroyasu imai 7

Architects: Hiroyasu Imai; Area: 65 m²; Year: 2022; Photographs: Tomoyuki Kusunose, Takumi Homma; Manufacturers: Louis Poulsen; Lead Architect: Hiroyasu Imai;