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Guest House in Siberia, Russia


The owners of a large company made the decision to provide a comfortable place for their top management away from home. They wanted to create a kind of hotel but with a cozier and more homely atmosphere.


We were tasked with designing and implementing the interior for a frame house based on a standard project within very limited timeframes. The first step we took was to review the layout and expand the window openings to allow more light inside the house. This was the most appropriate decision for the project because thanks to the windows on all sides, the house is always filled with light.


The concept of creating a home away from home for employees was our main inspiration for the interior design project. We wanted to make the space feel warm and inviting, so we carefully selected materials and colors to achieve this goal. To add depth and texture to the minimalist interior, we incorporated a variety of tactile materials such as matte and silky veneer, boucle fabric, nubuck, linen, and soft decorative plaster. These materials not only enhanced the visual appeal of the space but also created a cozy and comfortable atmosphere.


Although we were working with a standard layout for a frame house, we still aimed to make the most of the existing space. We faced several challenges during the renovation process, particularly in dealing with the construction limitations of such houses. For instance, we had to use additional shadow profiles at the joints to prevent any potential cracks.


Overall, our objective was to transform the interior into a welcoming and homely environment for the employees, and we achieved this by carefully selecting materials, incorporating texture, and working within the constraints of the existing layout.


For the bedrooms, we made the decision to use different color schemes depending on the amount of natural light in each room, as well as to provide guests with a choice. The entire project is unified by a warm veneer tone that permeates all the spaces, creating a sense of enveloping comfort.


Like us, the clients are devoted minimalists. They wanted the house to be simple yet functional, so all storage systems were hidden from view. All the furniture was custom-made according to our sketches and with the help of local craftsmen.


In the kitchen area, we decided to experiment a bit with the shape of the cabinets. Since the guest house does not require active use of the cooking space, there was no need for tall cabinets. We recessed the cabinets with appliances into the wall, creating the impression of floating kitchen facades.
As the clients’ business required constant accommodation of top managers in this house, the project had very tight deadlines.


The entire house was built and finished within 6 months, and the custom furniture production started before the final dimensions were ready, allowing the builders to adjust the niches according to the carpenters’ measurements. All the items from Europe were ordered in the first two weeks of the project, even before the house structure was completed.


The same applied to the selection of all materials. Many materials with longer lead times were ordered without on-site selection, which is not typical for our projects, but the deadline was the top priority in this case. Thanks to the careful selection of nuanced wall shades, we were able to achieve the exact palette we initially envisioned.


Team: Design – Alina Sulina Design; Styling – Alina Sulina Design; Photographer – Olga Melekesceva; Painter – Daria Burmaka;