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Poli House by Bezmirno Architects


Bezmirno Architects team’s main goal in developing the Poli House architectural project ware to harmoniously blend the house’s architecture with the surrounding environment. Stone, wood, and glass are the primary materials used in this house’s exterior and interior design.

bezmirno project poli house 2

The whole project of the house can be described as a small private complex consisting of three buildings – the main house, a guest house, and a gazebo. When designing, the Bezmirno team connected all zones into a common structure, in a single style. The use of panoramic windows unites cutting off the barrier between the exterior and interior space, making it a single whole. Most of the rooms are oriented towards the forest, and the abundance of natural light that fills all the premises creates an atmosphere of warmth and coziness.

bezmirno project poli house 5

bezmirno project poli house 4

The total area of the house is 297 square meters, which provides enough space to conveniently place everything necessary for a family of four.
Our team paid special attention to every detail of the project to create a clean, cozy, and functional design of the house, filled with the philosophy of minimalism. The layout of the house is as convenient as possible and at the same time simple, which includes two blocks – an open space of the living room and a private block of bedrooms.

bezmirno project poli house 3

bezmirno project poli house 1

Despite the generally restrained style, each of the rooms has its special mood. The main area of the living room is open and spacious, restrained and relieved of unnecessary elements. Upholstered furniture, comfortable armchairs, and a stylish fireplace create an ideal place for meetings with family and friends, as well as for relaxation and entertainment.

bezmirno project poli house 6

bezmirno project poli house 7


From the living area through the terrace, you can get to the gazebo, which is located in the backyard and is an ideal place for relaxing in the fresh air. It combines with the main terrace, creating a large area for evening gatherings and dinners with friends. The weather will not be an obstacle, as the gazebo protects from rain and sun. Equipped with comfortable furniture and pleasant lighting, where you can enjoy nature and spend time with family and loved ones.

bezmirno project poli house 12

bezmirno project poli house 11

The master bedroom is quite minimalistic and contains only the essentials, while the wooden elements add even more coziness and warmth. The master bathroom has become a special place for solitude with nature. It is here that you can enjoy peacefulness and immerse yourself in the beauty that surrounds you. A large panoramic window acts as a portal, connecting the interior space with nature outside the window.

bezmirno project poli house 7

Children’s rooms are designed with a contrasting color scheme, combining light and dark shades along with the use of wood, creating a stimulating environment for children’s development and creativity. Functionality is not compromised, as each children’s room features built-in wardrobes and a desk for studying and storing their belongings.

bezmirno project poli house 9

In general, the Poli House project is built on the principles of modern design, where every detail has a purpose and correlates with the overall concept. The design project of the house was created to fulfill the needs of the family, providing comfort and aesthetic satisfaction. The Poli House embodies a harmony of forms, materials, and colors that express the refined taste and individuality of its residents. Photo credits: Andriy Shurpenkov

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