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LightBone by Färg & Blanche


The Lightbone design by Färg & Blanche was first shown as part of the “Armour Mon Amour exhibition” during Milan Design Week 2017.‎

oblure oak floor lamp 3
At that time the lamps were in textile and up to 3 meter high and were inspired by a trip to Japan and their bamboo forest.‎

oblure oak floor lamp 4

“We are really happy that we were able to develop this version of the LightBone together with Oblure – Sweden, this time in solid Oak Wood and all made in Sweden.‎”

oblure oak floor lamp 2

The name Bone refers to the specific connection made by the spherical glass itself, connecting the wood parts together.‎

oblure oak floor lamp 5

The lamp can be easily used as a single piece aside a sofa for example but also as a group or 2 or 3 creating a small forest or many more to divide space in hospitality projects.‎ LighBone comes in natural Oak and with oil-stained Black Oak, Smoked Oak and Cobalt blue, it is also available in custom color.

oblure oak floor lamp 6

oblure oak floor lamp 1