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Staying Flexible


Ichiro Iwasaki has designed the Ralik collection for Arper, with whose seating furniture, tables and benches individual set-ups can be realised.

ralik flexible furniture 1

Staying flexible is the credo of today’s working world, as every new situation requires an adaptation of the previous structure. This also includes furniture: modular systems whose components can be used individually are in demand. With “Ralik” by Ichiro Iwasaki, Arper offers a collection with six seating components as well as a seating element with backrest and a bench, which is designed as a one or two-seater.

ralik flexible furniture 5

The matching “Ralik” tables are available in either a fixed or height-adjustable version. In this way, larger seating landscapes or even individual seats can be created in no time at all. The seating elements and tables are equipped with charging stations for working on a laptop or smartphone. The combination of upholstered, rounded shapes and the striking, leg-like table tops gives “Ralik” a light and comfortable appearance.

ralik flexible furniture 4

The bases are made of recycled polypropylene and come in a wide range of colours. In keeping with the circular economy, the collection can be completely dismantled and the removable covers are made of materials that can easily be reused or recycled.

ralik flexible furniture 6

ralik flexible furniture 3

ralik flexible furniture 2