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House J29 Renovation by SUAV


J29 responds to the necessity of upgrading a house from the 70s located in the neighborhood of Embajadores; with a very compartmentalized structure that would be transformed into a fluid space. The soul of the project is an integrated kitchen with an industrial island.

house j29 renovation suav 5

Diffuse lighting takes center stage emphasizing the horizontal lines of the kitchen. It also levitates the volume of the island on the chosen porcelain floor. Throughout the carpentry design process, the accentuation of these sets of lines has been very important, highlighting the horizontal plane with wood and the vertical plane with green color.

house j29 renovation suav 4

Inspired by the atmosphere of Almodóvar films such as Tie Me Up! Tie Me Down! or Pain and Glory; in its use of acid, primary and saturated colors, which provide significance from the collective imagination to the home. We also find references to Andalusian notes in the choice of these colors, and the searched image dialogues with its inhabitants. The kitchen is visually linked to the terrace and the mirrored doors behind it increase its spatiality.

house j29 renovation suav 6

The island of more than two meters integrates, through a metallic structure designed ad hoc, the bell and the only visual representative of the structure in the house: a wrought iron pillar under a hidden beam of seven meters of light.

house j29 renovation suav 7

In the hallway, a translucent glass panel provides light from the study, next to a first vertical alignment in the cabinets highlighted in green; that generates unity throughout the house. Ceramic tiles with dark joints add character and identity to the wet spaces. White vs. Black and Yellow are the chosen colors. A latticework with shelves for pots gives us privacy in the main bathroom area.

house j29 renovation suav 9

The use of color is essential. This is linked to the development of processes and hosts actions. The yellow chosen in the bathrooms – as in other studio projects – leads us to wake up to the energy of the early morning. It is a bright color that symbolizes joy, and merriment.

house j29 renovation suav 8

Architects: SUAV; Area: 915 ft²; Year: 2023; Photographs: SUAV; Manufacturers: JUNG, Amaltea Antiques, Corian, Muebles Sonseca y Decoración, Primagran, imex; Lead Architects: Paula Herrera & Beatriz María Jiménez;

house j29 renovation suav 2

house j29 renovation suav 1

house j29 renovation suav 3