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Museo Collection by Sancal – Design Meets Art


“Design is not art but it can be artistic”. The concept of this year’s Museo collection is a nod to the world of art. Sancal is showing their new products as if they were exhibits.

sancal museo collection 1

Design and digital art, together with painting and sculpture, intertwine in 10 new projects: chairs, upholstered furniture and accessories bear the signature of international designers, such as MUT design, Note Design Studio, Sylvain Willenz, PerezOchando, Lesur & Venot and Rafa García.

sancal museo collection 6

Museo is both the container and the content. It is an exercise in visualizing creative process by which Sancal shows how closely related art and design are conceptually. In a video presentation designer and director Andrés Reisinger guides the viewer through a tortuous landscape, an imaginary and surreal desert, to the doors of a classic and archetypal building: the museum.

sancal museo collection 3

The refined architecture comes to life as he enters. A selection of new designs and illustrations are exhibited like great works of art. The simple exhibition halls and its soft lighting give prominence to the new furniture models, with volumes shaped by circles of light that reveal rich textures and colors. More new Sancal products will follow in September.

sancal museo collection 4

sancal museo collection 5

sancal museo collection 2