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Antolini’s Marble Settings for an Apartment in Posillipo Overlooking Capri


Located on a privileged spot, on the hill of Posillipo and overlooking the island of Capri, this apartment occupies 220 square meters and was recently renovated by Nabi.interior design studio.


The goal of the project was both to reorganize the spaces, in order to meet the needs and demands of the clients – a young growing family – and to upgrade the apartment through an interior design project devoted to an elegant and refined style.

The key to achieving the goal has been the careful choice of materials and their tones, both for the coverings and for some of the furnishing details: «Prestigious materials that with their colors converse with the splendid views: brass used to remind us of the warmth and brightness of the sun, blue with its variations unites us to the sea, the brightness of marble immersed in golden veins», confirms Biancamaria Santangelo CEO and art director of Nabi.interior design.

Natural stones, therefore, were a valuable ally throughout the design process for their undeniable aesthetic characteristics and for their technical properties: in fact, they constitute an excellent material also in relation to a radiant air-conditioning system, for example. Considering that, in this case, the refurbishment also involved a necessary energy efficiency improvement, it was essential to choose materials from an overall perspective.

The apartment includes a large living area with an open kitchen separated, if necessary, by sliding glass windows, and four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom.

Statuario Extra marble for the floor of the living area, Natural Quartz Cristallo Iceberg and Dover White “Selected” marble for the bathrooms, and Black Cosmic granite for the kitchen: these are the four natural stones from Antolini that were carefully chosen to enhance the project and that found their ideal location in the apartment. Biancamaria Santangelo explains, step by step, the reason for each choice:

«The selection of typologies is most definitely aesthetic: the white of the flooring has veins that tend toward gold and this, combined with the brass of the furnishing details, recalls my idea of sunshine; the Cristallo Iceberg in the master bathroom combined with the wood and burnished brass has warm, welcoming and elegant tones that the homeowner wished to have in her personal environment; the Dover White ‘Selected’ for the small guest bathroom with the white background and its distinct veins reflected in the large mirror produce an exciting picture: the desire is for the guest to feel in a prestigious environment although being in a small setting. The Black Cosmic has golden veins that match perfectly with the bronze and brass that run through all the lines of the house, but with its black background it strongly defines the kitchen area separated from the living room by large dark bronze-colored windows».


Crucial to the success of the project was the collaboration with Antolini, which offered support during each stage of the journey, as Biancamaria Santangelo confirms when highlighting the added value of the company: «Preciousness of materials, wide choice and support during the visit – recommending the most appropriate materials for each environment – are the strengths of Antolini’s offer».

The installation of Antolini’s natural stones required the collaboration with a historic Neapolitan marble manufacturer, which cooperated with the architectural firm: «Pecorella Marmi 1957’s experience combined with the application of new technologies satisfied my requests, even resulting in custom-made objects, such as the large washbasin in the master bathroom, as well as complex poses. I numbered all the slabs, having received photos from the Antolini team, and designed the laying by reconstructing and matching the veins of the marble following the semi-curved plan of the apartment. Without good partners it would not have been possible», confirms the designer.