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The New Multi Color Face of Kerakoll Milano Showroom


Martino Gamper has created a multicolored universe of textures and finishings that coalesce on walls, floors and furnishings, alternating between intense hues and pastel shades. His project adds additional aesthetic and conceptual layers to the Kerakoll showroom.

showroom kerakoll milan 1

Following the success of the Plinthos installation that Martino Gamper completed for Milan Design Week 2022, Kerakoll asked the Trentino-based designer to re-design the Brera showroom for the 2023 edition of the event. The result is Strato, an installation that explores the theme of the perpetual change of space, where shapes and colours intertwine revealing the concept of layering as a renewal of the existing, an approach to design that matches the philosophy of the Emilian brand.

showroom kerakoll milan 2

Kerakoll’s new Brera Studio project highlights intense, bold combinations alternating with pastel shades, where textures and finishes match each other in space. The result gives life to total design episodes in which furniture becomes atmosphere, and rooms acquire a strong personality.

showroom kerakoll milan 11

The entrance to the showroom provides a welcoming, dynamic space that encourages interaction. The new floor features a surface in Legno+Color Medium KK 131, laid in an Italian herringbone pattern. The cream- coloured wall boasts a distinctive Wallpaper KK 60 finish. The inside of the arch displays a palette of Dusty Yellow colours palette in a Wallcrete finish. New chairs and furnishings with organic outlines and lively colours give this environment a dynamic flavour. On the wall to the right, irregular shapes finished in Microresina highlight new colour combinations and form small, abstract designs, demonstrating how the Kerakoll palette is ideal not only for large surfaces, but for renovating smaller wood, metal and ceramic tile surfaces too.

showroom kerakoll milan 3

The lounge, with its new colours and furnishings, provides the perfect setting for discussing new projects, thanks also to a Color Chart wall that presents the entire Color Collection palette. The neutral, earthy shades of the floor in Cementoresina KK 121 and walls in Decor KK 127 contrast starkly with the cold colours of the upholstered chairs and stools that are custom-made to a design by Martino Gamper.

showroom kerakoll milan 4

The meeting room has been completely renewed in finish and furnishings. The intrados in the same colour creates continuity with the adjacent space and the external window displays. The central table by Martino Gamper has legs in KK 26 light blue and a top in KK 102 ochre, both with a Microresina surface finish.

showroom kerakoll milan 7

The Sugiloo chairs designed for Gebrüder Thonet by Michael Anastassiades have been given a new colour: Microresina KK 110. In the hall, the Color Library lets visitors view the entire Color Collection and Fugabella Color ranges in order to compare shades at the design stage. Abstract backdrops illustrate possible combinations of coloured grout with ceramic tiles of different sizes.

showroom kerakoll milan 5

The bathroom features a delicate combination of greens, yellows and greys, along with a bathtub in tropical-looking Cementoresina KK 51 to match the floor. With the addition of a shelf in Cementoresina Wall KK 88 yellow and a variety of organic and irregularly shaped vases, the new bathroom is more welcoming and eye-catching than ever.

showroom kerakoll milan 8

Completing the showroom’s colourful new look is a series of unique, custom-made, wood furnishings, made especially for Kerakoll according to designs by Martino Gamper. Engaging geometric seats, inspired by elements of nature, help create a relaxed, informal atmosphere.

showroom kerakoll milan 6

A constantly changing place. Like a natural organism, space is destined to change shape to adapt to different contexts and situations. The restyling by Gamper shows a new look for the spaces – contemporary and essential – highlighting an emotional and interactive experience thanks to the colours and surfaces of Kerakoll, Color Collection and Fugabella Color.

showroom kerakoll milan 9