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Candle Shop Film by MYST


Interior design for candle shop Film made by MYST, that releases every new product on the night of the full moon. In planning the interior of their flagship store, we treated the moon as a main element in the space.

myst design Candle Shop Film 8

Since ancient times, people around the world have been reminded of the phases of the moon. It is the most familiar astronomical body for us. In this project, a large circular mirror is set up as a large moon mirror to reflect the world of the candles and the store.

In the Western world, mirrors tend to be depicted in an oval shape. such as the magical one in “Snow White” and the one at the entrance to the other world in “Alice in Mirrorland

On the other hand, In Japan, both the “sacred mirrors” enshrined in shrines and bronze mirrors excavated from archaeological sites are often said to be perfectly circular.

myst design Candle Shop Film 3

Japanese mirrors are said to have their roots in ancient Chinese cosmology, in which the heavens were thought to be circular. Mirrors have been thought to have mysterious powers since ancient times, and the moon. These two mystical elements are crossed to form a major element of the interior design.

myst design Candle Shop Film 6

When the curtains are closed and it is dark, the moon mirror becomes a new moon and disappears. When the curtains are opened or candles are lit, the moon mirror catches the light and appears, recreating the original relationship between sun and moon.

myst design Candle Shop Film 2

Located on the second floor of a building facing Nagoya’s Hisaya-odori Park, the store is bathed in greenery and natural light, so when the curtains are open, the shadows of the trees swaying in the wind are reflected, creating a richer expression in the store than was envisioned at the time of design. Photography is by Mayu Morita;

myst design Candle Shop Film 7

myst design Candle Shop Film 9

myst design Candle Shop Film 11