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Cimento furniture at Milan Design Week


Dusty hues inspired by earthy colours give life to sculptural forms that pay homage to 1970s radical design: Cimento furniture at Milan Design Week with new products by Elisa Ossino and Studio63.

cimento furniture 1

cimento furniture 2

The material vocation of the CIMENTO brand came back to the Salone del Mobile in the stand designed by Parisotto + Formenton Architetti, the art director of the Venetian brand: a monochrome architecture, conceived as a theory of monolithic volumes, which generates a dynamic system of solids that appears almost carved from solid by subtraction.

cimento furniture 3

The environment at the Salone del Mobile was conceived open space, but fragmented by the vertical volumes into different subspaces, designed to welcome visitors to the fair in different situations: domestic lounges or work islands where the new pieces of the indoor and soft outdoor collection have took place: bookcases, consoles, coffee tables, design by Elisa Ossino, make up the Ducale family of furnishings, to which are added the stereometric and essential forms of the Accademia tables, designed by Studio63, capable of highlighting the three-dimensional use of material in a homage to the radical design of the 1970s. The side patio hosts the Cimento vase collections with a lush green setting.

cimento furniture 6

The layout has defined two areas of rest and relaxation conceived as ideal oases in the frenzy of Design Week. Two monochrome islands, designed around the material and its characteristics of tactility and colour, characterised by a design made of essential lines and juxtaposed volumes. Arranged with geometric compositions of benches and vases with a monolithic appearance from the Campiello collection designed by Studio63, they are spatially defined as “monochrome open-air rooms” – horizontal platforms and low partitions made of three-dimensional Querini and Tondo tiles designed by Elisa Ossino.

cimento furniture 7

cimento furniture 4

cimento furniture 5

cimento furniture 8