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Montibeller Coffee Shop by Térreo Arquitetos


The coffee shop facade opens onto the sidewalk, where service is provided from the outside directly to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. An invitation to pause, meet, chat, and even take your coffee to accompany your walk through the city streets.

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 1

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 4

The room has a 25m² area, and the challenge was to adapt the program required by the client to this space. Therefore, the floor plan was organized into two sectors, one for service and service counter, delimited by counters that shape the space, and the other sector to receive the public, with a bench occupying the lateral limit of the room. Both have immediate contact and connection to the street, an important reference point in the project, as the proposal provides for sidewalk service.

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 8

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 7

The colors and materials are referenced in the coffee shop’s brand, one of the most traditional in the city. Coverings and materials are combined with the color palette, bringing highlights through gloss or textures. The furniture is planned for maximum use of all spaces, and the wall bench allows for greater occupancy and hides packaging stock inside.

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 2

A standout feature in the space is an interactive gallery wall that runs the entire depth of the interior space, composed of a woodworking grid that supports the “coffee cups” that users can stylize with phrases, drawings, and other expressions of affection to be displayed and complete the ambiance of this beloved space in the heart of the city. This grid pattern that runs along the side wall of the room is repeated on the ceiling, shaping the space available to customers.

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 2

Architects: Térreo Arquitetos; Area: 25 m²; Year: 2022; Photographs:Romario Couto dos Santos; Manufacturers: Guararapes, Portobello, Suvinil;

coffee shop terreo arquitetos 3