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Chic Home Decor by More Design Office


MDO has a deep understanding of the balance between form and detail within a space. Drawing upon practices from fashion design, we have incorporated the interrupted relationship between curves and angles found on cardboard into our home design.

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By juxtaposing different elements such as materials, patterns, curves, and geometry, we create a space that seamlessly blends these disparate elements together. The result is a home that is fluid and free-spirited, cleverly reflecting the owner’s lifestyle and personality, and blending various qualities such as an art gallery, a living space, and a chic boutique into one.

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As the black double doors open, one enters a realm of mysticism. The high arches form an elegant curve, enveloping the foyer. On the three-dimensional console table rests a Michael Aram tray and a Klong Tender droplet candle holder, exuding the essence of home with a blend of natural elements, traditional craftsmanship, and modernist details.

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On one side of the hallway is the entrance to the standalone cloakroom. The elliptical ceiling design and curved shelves echo and stretch layer by layer, creating a luxurious and relaxed texture with gentle earth tones and BAXTER plush chairs.

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In this entrance hallway leading to the main space, distinct lines sketch out clear images, like in Rousseau’s paintings. Each object stands independently yet carries a dreamlike quality, all of them summoning the essence of life and expressing the internal spirit.

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Pushing open the door with the handle made of bronze casting sand, one enters the entertainment space of the home. The Naviglio series sofa designed by Yabu Pushelberg sits atop a beige base, expressing a visual balance between structure and form. The subtle confrontation between the cylindrical backrest and rectangular cushion creates a smooth yet lively look.

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On one side, a Meridiani coffee table features a round mirrored surface with a vintage brass border, exuding an elegant charm that withstands the test of time. Opposite to it, a pair of green-hued Minotti armchairs with slightly outward-turned armrests offer a more relaxed and comfortable seating experience.

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On the other side of the room, tucked away behind the sofa and facing towards the end of the space, is a sleek bar. Its black and white marble countertop matches perfectly with the MATER bar stools, creating a minimalistic and refined feel. The bar is surrounded by a black background wall that undulates like waves, occasionally interrupted by a golden accent that adds a touch of edginess to the harmonious setting. From here, a pathway leads to the outdoor garden, beckoning for further exploration.

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The meticulous home space is like music, full of rhythm and melody, with gathering places and quiet corners. Between the leisure area and the tea room, the designer inserted an artistic metal block to separate the two functional areas. Above the arc, there are concave and convex lines like sculptures, while the back of the block also serves as a practical bookshelf.

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If you look closely, you can see a subtle ripple pattern in the silk-textured walls of the room, echoing the artistic hanging paintings of SHANG XIA. Together, they form a space that exudes a Zen-like artistic atmosphere. As Philip Colbert said, ” the rich resources of art history have created a language, and only the unconscious, surreal world can get rid of all reality constraints. Life itself is the ultimate essence of art. “

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