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Creative Collection by Glamora


Creative Collection is an ongoing collection by Glamora enhanced every year by the addition of a new chapter full of fresh proposals. The new Chapter XIII encompasses five areas of inspiration, which all feature beauty in its purest forms and go beyond strict principles of harmony and precision. 60 designs are used to freely explore the worlds of art, architecture, culture and landscape. Artistic trends are evoked that have led to real cultural transformations, such as Informalism and Brutalism, including a number of compositional works based on innovative rhythms that sometimes see a break with tradition.

glamora creative collection 1

There is a focus on nature, a key motif that inspires the brand, and this is examined through the magnifying glass of mythology and biodiversity and interpreted in a kaleidoscope of visual references incorporating plants, flowers and leaves originating from a range of different habitats. Through myths and legends, scents and fragrances, Glamora tells a tale of timeless universes. These are portrayed in spontaneous, distinct designs that are never conventional and come together in a rich collection of cultural references with huge emotional impact.

glamora creative collection 3

Idyllic views, architectural detail and timelessly elegant cities of art. Remains of ancient civilisations, architectural wonders and captivating landscapes that bring classical worlds to mind: these are the delicately designed views embedded in this theme of the collection, which takes its inspiration from the famous Grand Tour. From the 18th century, young aristocratic men set out on a right-of-passage trip to explore Europe and, in particular, Italy’s cities of art (including Naples and Rome), reflecting the passions of an era characterised by much cultural excitement. It is the artistic activity that particularly fascinates Glamora, as executed through realistic panoramas typical of Canaletto’s cityscape and landscape works, which were often copied or brought home as souvenirs and celebrated in the diaries of famous travellers such as Goethe. The ideal is an eternal beauty, caressed by a delicate light that spans centuries. Today this vision comes to life in spaces inspired by a billowing luminosity and able to convey a mysterious sense of peace.

glamora creative collection 5

Beyond borders: investigating the link between sound and figurative art.
“All art constantly aspires to the condition of music”. This is how English essayist Walter Pater described the complex link connecting sound and figurative art. A kind of drive to discover one same rhythm which has interested a number of pictorial approaches, resulting in works that seem to revolve around the idea of a harmonic score and, at times, pursue a deliberate lack of harmony. As a result, the theme of the collection moves between Abstract Art, Informalism and musical structure. This vision is interpreted in beautifully mysterious designs that bring to mind the pictures of Wassily Kandinsky or Piet Mondrian, showcasing subject matter, tonality, and the creative moment as it occurs. In synthesis, that collection of perceptual stimuli able to push us beyond what we expect and create an emotion.

glamora creative collection 2

Jubilantly abundant nature, luxuriant and exotic, where compositional harmony meets a sense of colour.
An imaginary tour of greenery and its infinite interpretations is expressed as a journey in search of parks, gardens, oases, and hothouses spread out across the globe: from the Jardin Majorelle in Marrakech to the Boboli Gardens in Florence, and from the Tsavo Park in Kenya to Parc Güell in Barcelona. These are vast spaces or remote, peaceful oases, often dotted with waterways, fountains, rocks and little lakes; jewels that provide happiness and well-being if we completely throw ourselves in with body and soul, breathe in every scent and absorb every vibration. The designs in this theme from the collection are created with the aim of bringing to interiors the fragrances and nuances of very real worlds which, however, have a dream-like dimension to them. Veritable fragments of landscape in which poetic, emotional, decorative language made up of bold lines and skilfully measured colours delivers an intensely evocative experience.

glamora creative collection 4
Graphic lines and pure geometric design come together, exploring chiaroscuro and intersections with a new way of defining space. Pure, rigorous narrative pattern, monochrome shades, and texture: these are some of the key elements of Brutalism. Beginning in the 1950s, the architectural trend became increasingly more popular through to the 1970s, and its leading proponents included Italian architects Lina Bo Bardi and Clorindo Testa, American designer Paul Rudolph and Japanese architect Kenzo Tange. The designs that Glamora uses in homage to this particular vision of space evoke highly forceful plastic forms, with particular attention drawn to the interplay of solids and voids, light and shadow. They draw on the neutral hues and chiaroscuro effects using a wide scale of greys, whites and sand, evoking the expressive composure in all its immediacy and visibility. In addition, typical design principles of Brutalism are reinterpreted through original geometric compositions, veining and graphic elements that seem to have been placed haphazardly, freely or on top of each other, creating new visual representations every time.

glamora creative collection 7

Mountains, mulberry trees and ferns: where nymphs dance together, amongst bold colours and forest fragrances. Delve deep into the evocative archaic world of myth and legend and nymphs can be found. Beautiful, graceful divinities adorned with flowers and in fluttering gowns, dancing to the pipes of the god Pan. This is our starting point for an enthralling journey to explore new ways the plant kingdom may delight us. Indeed, nobody else than these goddesses, the divine protectors of forests, rivers, mountains, springs and trees, is better able to evoke the different forms of nature in all her primordial and pure harmony. This theme in the collection is dedicated to the beings represented by earthly nymphs, as it is to the tree-living nymphs, joined as they are together in such a symbiotic relationship that they breathe as one. Powerful blooms and luxuriant plants emerge in decorative design themes with a lyrical nature and featuring an intense palette of colours.

glamora creative collection 6