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A Notion of Timeless Elegance: the Pianca Products for Milan Design Week 2023


The Venetian Palazzo as an emblem of architecture and style. The core concept and backdrop theme for the display that combines new lifestyle demands with the unique identity of a brand which has represented the evolution of design for almost 70 years now. The new Pianca products for the 61st Salone del Mobile were designed by two creatives with lengthy experience in the furniture sector, Pier Luigi Frighetto and Luciano Marson and you can see them at Rho Fiera (Hall 3 – Stand A23/A25) in a show space designed by Cristina Celestino Studio.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 5

The Velario stand design is inspired by the typical Venetian palazzo, a living space characterized by distinctively opulent finishes, appealing colours and fabric wall coverings, stucco and elegant marmorino. This is the style that Cristina Celestino used to create a striking stand which experiments with the solid and void concept, featuring textile panels, islands of colour and textural references divided into different areas that represent the rooms of a home.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 1

The living room, dining room and bedroom are all there, spaces that show off Pianca furniture in various textures, finishes and colours, separated by completely opaque or semi-transparent fabrics. “Building on the strong bonds that Pianca has with the city of Venice, my design concept developed around the theme of the Venetian Palazzo, the sumptuous residence of patricians and merchants who via their Eastern Mediterranean voyages imported new style elements into the already heavilylayered context of the city of Venice”, explained Cristina Celestino.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 4

This is the cultured, refined display setting for the new Pianca furniture pieces focussed on an idea of comfort and understated beauty, with appealing, contemporary forms and luxurious details, as the result of consolidated manufacturing skill and timeless style.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 6

Creative visionary Pier Luigi Frighetto works with full shapes and soft, curvy lines in his upholstered furniture, producing designs such as the Ella armchair, the Fedra chair and Delano up and Nice sofas, plus the Mambo coffee table collection in three versatile table versions to use as a coffee table in front of the sofa or as a console or side table. The exacting design vision of Luciano Marson, founder of Pieces of Venice, produced high quality, finely crafted furniture with simple but bold style, such as the Dedalo sideboard, and sculpted, geometric pieces with a focus on textural and visual continuity, like the Enea and Corinto tables: the first is a solid wood table with unusual surface detail that exposes the wood grain on every side, while the second is a marble table with top and legs made of layered slabs cut along the length.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 7

Ella Armchair, design Pier Luigi Frighetto
Versatile, elegant, curvy. The design of the Ella chair balances style and function. It’s contemporary, sophisticated and inviting, perfect for private and public spaces. The seat and back rest are part of a single padded chair volume, opening out to offer comfortable, snug support. The tubular steel base encircles and supports the shell, creating a casual, dynamic chair with an agile, curvy design. The stype is enhanced with subtle details like random wrinkles on the back and gros grain trim in either matching or contrasting colours. Ella is also available as a 4-spoke base swivel chair, perfect for contract decor schemes.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 9

Fedra Armchair, design Pier Luigi Frighetto
Unique, distinctive, fresh, contemporary style. The bold design of the Fedra armchair manages to impose a sophisticated, luxurious style in a room. Graceful, slender steel legs elevate and streamline the padded volumes of the seat. The wrap-round backrest is the indisputable key style feature with distinctive stitching that gives the chair a dynamic design with a strong character.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 3

Delano up sofa, design Pier Luigi Frighetto
Elegance, sophistication, compositional freedom. The evolution of the Delano sofa, with its trademark sleek, sophisticated design, Delano Up expands the compositional choices and custom options with new elements. The additional modules, a square quilted pouf, triangular pouf, open end and love seat modules, allow you to create a huge range of custom configurations to meet a broad range of functional and style requirements. The absence of front stitching give the sofa a more elegant look. The fabric lays softly over the backrest and seat like a second skin, accentuating the volumes and geometric forms.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 8

Nice sofa, design Pier Luigi Frighetto
Soft, subtle design, generous, inviting volumes. The Nice sofa has a distinctively reassuring, appealing, timeless style. Its range of modules, sizes and different forms means Nice has plenty of scope for dynamic, contemporary bespoke configurations that sit perfectly in the space around them. Wide seats and ample cushions ensure superior comfort, for total relaxation and winding down. The volumes are enhanced with a gros grain trim, available in matching or contrast finish for sophisticated, elegant detail.

Pianca products Milan Design Week 2

Dedalo Sideboard, design Luciano Marson
Inspired by the simple sleek geometric form of the cylinder, the Dedalo sideboard has two structured curved ends connected by a back section of the same slim panel thickness. The vertical sections wrap their embrace around horizontal elements, creating a recessed tray on top and a smart integrated handle at the front. The inside compartment, free of vertical dividers, can be customized with fixed shelves or different modules – including drop-down front modules, shallow trays, drawers and a bar module, for total freedom over space organization. Optional interior lighting shows off the contours and geometry of the sideboard. The self-standing sideboard is available with hinged doors and custom finishes.