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Milan Apartment Renovation by SOLUM Studio


An apartment in the centre of Milan, inside a building originally constructed to meet the growing housing needs of the 1920s, has been converted into a one-person apartment by SOLUM Studio.

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The aim of the project was to fit the client’s needs, while preserving the structure, the layout and the peculiarity of the pre-existent apartment, made of separate rooms placed around a generous entrance hall.The rearrangement of the spaces started from the client’s – a photographer’s private studio.

apartment renovation milano 2

Made of ribbed glass and stainless steel, the studio has been built on the footprint of a pre-existing room. Two pivot doors allow multiple openings, thus creating new spatial connections in the house. Inside the studio, the light filtered by the glass creates diffuse lightning. A three-piece set of furniture, based on a 35 cm steel-and-marble module, inhabits the studio. The system, designed for that specific space, can be easily assembled and disassembled, and the objects can be moved and rotated to create different relationships between the space and the objects.

apartment renovation milano 10

The existing wooden floor and the original stuccoes on the ceiling have been maintained and highlighted by the dark painting on the wall and the suspended kitchen shelving. Once used as an extra room, the entrance, which connects the main bedroom on the courtyard to the living area, is now emphasized by the insertion of a mosaic made of marble tiles filled with grey microcement.

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L2 Glass Door

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