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Stone Archive Installation by davidpompa


Mexico-based Studio davidpompa presents Ambra Toba, a series of light sculptures that combine volumes of ancient stones, volcanic dust, and aluminum. The Stone Archive installation explores the volcanic origin of the new light collection as a part of the itinerant platform of Alcova, which will be open to visitors from April 17th to the 23rd during Milan Design Week 2023.

stone archive studio davidpompa 12

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The collection holds the Mexican ‘Toba volcánica’ stone as the centerpiece consisting of minerals, glass, and volcanic debris ejected one million years ago during severe eruptions. Fragments in the geometrical surfaces are a testament to these explosions and movements. The contrast between porous textures and smooth dark red aluminum coating underlines the studio’s contemporary approach to traditional materials and craft.

stone archive studio davidpompa 8

The connecting components between the sculptural stone elements and the aluminum parts originate from intensive research of linking unique handmade shapes with industrial parts. Each piece is crafted and assembled in Mexico.

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The concept follows the interest to amplify the understanding of ancient stones composing a spatial installation that captures and connects science, aesthetics, culture, and materiality. Debris, ashes, and dust, produced during the span of millions of years are unveiled through the textures of the light sculptures.

stone archive studio davidpompa 9

In partnership with the geological department of the National Autonomous University of Mexico ‘UNAM’, the investigation of the origins of ‘Toba volcánica’ opens a deeper insight into the stone widely used in Mexican culture.

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The creative studio collaborates with Dutch microphotographer Wim van Egmond for the documentation of the stones in a series of artistic videos and panoramic photos elevating the investigation and further balancing science and design interfusion.

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‘Stone Archive’ installation will be part of the itinerant platform of Alcova during Milan Design Week, located in the former slaughterhouse of the historical quarter of Porta Vittoria Abattoir, at Viale Molise, 62.

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