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Dark Olive Tone for a Classic and Luxurious Moscow Apartment


The latest interior design project by Saint Petersburg-based architects INT2 architecture showcases a stunning apartment located in a new residential complex near Petrovsky Park. The main objective of the project was to preserve the original space of the apartment, which features large windows that flood the interior with natural light.

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 1

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 3

To achieve this goal, the architects strategically placed the primary living areas, including the living room, dining area, and bedrooms, along the windows. Meanwhile, auxiliary rooms, such as the wardrobe, laundry room, and bathrooms, are located in the central “dark zone.”

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 2

The design team alternated a mixture of luxurious modern pieces (like the dark blocks of the kitchen arrangement) clear-lined Scandinavian soft furniture – in the living space and that gives a comforting dynamic for the design.

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 4

The public area of the apartment is divided into three zones: lounge, dining room and kitchen, which is separated from the common area by a trendy, thin-black-frame glass partition. This feature helps maintain a sense of shared space while providing additional protection from cooking odors.

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 5

The wardrobe and circular storage with a library are also located in the central space, and the primary visual focal points of the interior are arranged around it. The dining area with olive chairs and a round marble table with a brass base is visible from the hallway, while the lounge area is revealed when passing to the bedroom. A bench with a large round mirror is visible from the dining area, and a sculpture becomes the main point of attraction upon entering the apartment.

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 6

The bedrooms feature the same design approach, expanding the space and preserving natural light through the use of a glass partition between the sleeping area and the bathroom. Here a more luxurious and decadent vibe gives cozy identity – dark tones, gold sparkle frames and abundance of marble and terrazzo, form a cave-like feel for the rest-areas and bathrooms.

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 9

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 8

The interior design blends minimalist aesthetics with classic elements, such as the use of English oak flooring, natural stone in the bathrooms and entrance, and reimagined classical panels on the walls that transform into elegant grids to camouflage radiators beneath the windows. Finally, several modern artworks are presented in traditional gilt frames, creating a fusion of classic and contemporary elements in this stunning interior design project.

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 12

INT2 architecture apartment moscow 7


Overall, this apartment showcases a perfect blend of modern luxury and classic elements that perfectly preserve the original space of the apartment while maximizing the natural light and space available.

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INT2 architecture apartment moscow 15

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