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Luminous Organic Space that Entwines Cottage and Modern Art Vibes


Nestled in the bustling city, this apartment is a minimalist’s dream come true. Designed by the talented team at INT2 architecture, the apartment boasts of a spacious layout that maximizes natural light, soundproof walls, and a celebration of organic and modern textures.

int2 architecture interior oda 1

int2 architecture interior oda 9

The designers’ main goal was to preserve the original space of the apartment with its three large windows and access to the patio. They achieved this by using “secondary lighting” through glass partitions that illuminate the bedrooms and a small mezzanine with an extra bed. The living room and office are separated by a bookcase that doubles up as an exhibition stand.

int2 architecture interior oda 13

int2 architecture interior oda 12

The apartment features seven functional areas, including three bedrooms, a living room, a kitchen, an office, and a bed on the mezzanine. All of this was achieved using only three windows, thanks to the clever use of glass partitions and a minimalist aesthetic. The designers paid attention to the smallest details and played with gorgeous natural materials – warm wooden accents, exposed brick walls pained gray and white, luxurious marble and brass details all entwined in cozy and artistic ambiance.

int2 architecture interior oda 2

int2 architecture interior oda 3

The interior design of the apartment is simple and elegant, with white walls, warm wooden floors, and accents on art from the client’s collection and furniture. The minimalist aesthetic allows for an uncluttered space that exudes peace and tranquility.

int2 architecture interior oda 8

int2 architecture interior oda 7

In summary, INT2 architecture has created a stunning apartment that combines minimalist aesthetics with functionality. Warm cottage vibes (achieved mainly through the gorgeous wooden elements), soft textures and art pieces dance in the luminous space. The apartment’s layout maximizes natural light, while the use of trendy glass partitions and soundproofing ensures privacy and comfort. The apartment is a testament to the fact that less is indeed more.

int2 architecture interior oda 6

int2 architecture interior oda 5