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Yixing Hezi Spa by S5 Design


Hezi SPA Hall is located in Yixing, a famous city with beautiful scenery. The whole building is composed of five floors , covering an area of 3083 square meters. The overall design of the project is delivered by S5 Design, and its inspiration comes from the “Travel Map of Mountains and Rivers”, which is known as the “First Song Painting”. Fan Riqiao, the designer, combines the characteristics of Yixing’s local bamboo forests with many mountains and rivers.

yixing hezi spa 6

yixing hezi spa 5

Through repeated abstraction, the five-storey building is transformed into a “mountain”, with a “canyon” in the middle, a “bamboo forest” inside and a “pavilion” in water, creating a brand new and different aesthetic enjoyment. The “Traveling Map of Rivers and Mountains” seems to be carved in the base frame, making culture the underlying logic of the Hezi SPA brand.

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yixing hezi spa 2

The designer also uses the method of switching the mountain and forest scenes to obtain the experience of continuous reversal in and out of the space. Through the simultaneous regeneration of real and virtual scenes and the mutual mapping of situation and imagination, poetry and painting, nature, and contemporary aesthetics are interwoven in a limited space, but it also allows people to obtain a new sense of cultural belonging while triggering unlimited thinking. In the context of changing eras, what exactly do we “see”?

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The stone path leads to the valley. At the beginning of the interaction between virtual and real, I suddenly stood in front of the mountain gate, looked at the rocks on the beach, and saw the water curtain under the wall. The designer took Song as the anchor and left enough space to cover the inner room, the building and the courtyard, and the bamboo grove and low pavilion between the light curtains. Virtual and real, light and shadow, breathe in space.

yixing hezi spa 11

yixing hezi spa 9

The lines that are abstracted to the extreme are the restrained romance of the contemporary era. They reveal the poetic flavor of the literati in the vertical and horizontal directions, and the imagination is woven into a picture. All are specious. The light is like a waterfall, and the trickle “flows” on the water stone by the light and shadow, just like the brush strokes (rain chapped) on the mountain wall in the painting. In the heart of the pavilion, the warm light is like the moon, and the bamboo curtain is hanging in the air.

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yixing hezi spa 16

Mi Fu, a calligrapher and painter of the Northern Song Dynasty, once commented on the “Journey to the Mountains and Streams “with” dark as the evening”. Fan Riqiao also knows the beauty of it. The light is neither dull nor too eye-catching. It is a dark and elegant place, floating and shining with light. With the same frequency of ancient and fresh ideas, people extend their imagination here. The crisscross grid of the ceiling, like light and shadow, encircles a corner of the lush forest, and the waterfalls fall down, connecting up and down.

yixing hezi spa 14

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Stacked wood carvings set up “stream stones”, and “moon reflection” was lit by a single lamp. The designer recompiled the traditional humanistic elements and integrated them into the modern aesthetic framework and cognitive order. Although we don’t really see the mountains, forests, streams and rocks, it is like a winding water cup, and a carbon stove cooking tea.

yixing hezi spa 19

yixing hezi spa 18

Different volumes appear alternately, the mountains and forests are deconstructed and reconstructed, and the mood and mind are staggered. The abstract geometry does not need to show off its skills, but to create another world in the subtle reversal, such as the inverted mirror lake and the stone under the bamboo. Scenery is not restricted to the scenery,the appearance is separated and the spirit is combined. It is full of aesthetic charm.

yixing hezi spa 20

Client: Jiangsu Hezi; Design Company: S5design; Design Director: Fan Riqiao; Design Team: Kang QingheJiang XueqinChen Shaofen, Bai Zhihong, Wang Jing; Photography: STUDIO TEN-Tan Xiao;

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