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Nildo José Interior Concept for CASACOR São Paulo


The project by Nildo José, brings integrated and fluid environments, having Brazilianness as its main concept. With a look at cozy interiors, with fewer items and a smooth and fluid aesthetic, it is possible to find the balance between organic shapes and straight lines.

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 2

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 3



A brise formed by the Senses Decor bricks surrounds the entire environment and makes reference to the rammed earth construction system: the use of clay and wood to create walls. This relationship creates an unusual effect between the rusticity of the Sertão and the elegance of the innovative proposal in the arrangement of porcelain tile. Still valuing the versatility of Portinari’s porcelain tiles, the home office table and the kitchen countertop explore the grandeur of the Gran Metal ballast. With joinery by Ornare, the central bench with straw details serves as a station for cooking and, at the same time, sharing good times.

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 11

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 5



In the center of the space, there is a circular island that divides the functions of the house, where on one side there is a bar and a fireplace, forming a lounge, and on the other, a part of the structure serves as the bathroom. The minimalism present in this relationship between interior and exterior reveals a deeply artistic and modern side and another that does not give up functionality and elegance. The bathroom has glass and a mirror by Silvestre Vidros, which connects to the bedroom. In it, the Double Bed, by Wentz Design, forms a space of comfort and relaxation.

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 4

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 9

The environment consists of a living room, lounge, kitchen, dining room, and master suite with a home office. In the kitchen and bathroom, Deca tableware and metals stand out. On the ceiling and walls, Nildo used Duratex coverings in the Nogueira Veneto pattern, a redesign of the classic Italian walnut, which harmonizes tradition and the contemporary.

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 12

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 6

In the social area, the dining room and the gourmet space feature a rectangular table, produced by Sandra Ortho Esculturas, with a special design by the architect for CASACOR, and Bambolê chairs, by +55 Design, complete the production. On the ceiling of the living room, a large light fixture ensures a more casual air for the environment, which also gained the imposing Sofá Abapo, by Roberta Banqueri.

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 7

The space is curated by furniture that permeates established and new designers, such as Poltronas Paraty, signed by Sério Rodrigues; Kanga armchair, by Ricardo Van Steen; Ondine armchairs, by Jorge Zalszupin; Cordial Armchair, by Victor Vasconcelos; MP97 armchairs, by Percival Lafer; among many others already mentioned.

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 1

Finally, the central artwork of the space is called “Os Brasileiros”, by the artist Juraci Dórea. Sculptor, painter, draughtsman, photographer, visual programmer, he worked in Feira de Santana and gradually made his work converge contemporary visual languages with country roots and traditions.  Architects: Nildo José; Area: 250 m²; Year: 2022; Photographs: Denilson Machado – MCA Estúdio;

sertao portinari installation nildo jose 8