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Green Blood Matcha Coffee Shop by Studio Guilherme Garcia


For the design of this matcharia, Studio Guilherme Garcia sought to escape the traditional, with minimalist references that were translated into the organic forms that constitute the concept of the project. The base of light tones was used in order to bring a greater breath to the space and serve as a blank canvas to work on the green that is the brand’s signature at some points within the project.

Matcha Coffee Shop 9

Matcha Coffee Shop 6

The environment consists of a coffee shop specializing in Matcha, together with a coworking space. The entire project was designed based on the functionality necessary for activities to be carried out quickly within the space. The clean aesthetic that was proposed for the environment, results in a contemplative, calm space without many visual interferences. Therefore, the Studio also managed to develop some of the furniture present inside the space such as tables, chairs and some other elements.

Matcha Coffee Shop 2

Matcha Coffee Shop 7

The call center furniture was designed and covered with tile, using a not so conventional material to bring a greater personality to the project. The floors and walls were coated with cementitious material, creating a neutral background for the project. In the bathrooms, some elements of escapism were worked on, with the sole objective of surprising whoever enters it. In the external area of ​​the project, the tiles were also used, now applied to the facades, creating a rhythmic background. All these aspects worked together with a good project, result in a space that adds aesthetics, functionality and personality.

Matcha Coffee Shop 3

Architects: Studio Guilherme Garcia; Area: 130 m²; Year: 2021; Photographs: Fábio Jr. Severo; Manufacturers : Deca, Miaki, Pedecril, Save Energy, Suvinil, Tramontina, iluminar; Lead Architect: Guilherme Garcia;

Matcha Coffee Shop 4

Matcha Coffee Shop 1

Matcha Coffee Shop 5

Matcha Coffee Shop 11

Matcha Coffee Shop 8