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Salad Bar Greta by estudio DIIR


Brand identity and sales experience become fundamental values in the conception of this project. The need to transmit healthy values explains the use of color. The project makes green its main protagonist and floods the space in a radical way.

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This design strategy requires an exclusive attention to every detail. Turning a single color into the main actor of the project requires the creation of a repertoire of constructive solutions where everything is related. Thus, we bet on variety in the use of materials, but we do not forget to make a selection in which each tone matches with the one next to it. An ambitious exercise whose result offers a peculiar and, above all, unique atmosphere.

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On the other hand, the sales experience can only be understood through a very conceptual strategy. The succession of spaces characterizes a project whose longitudinality is perceived as a handicap. To solve this, and without resorting to spatial subdivision, we work with the height of the space to end up conceiving three rooms.

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First, a large ceramic-covered bar serves as a welcoming element and combines the display of the product with its preparation. Next, we imagine an amphitheater that has a double function: it serves as a grandstand for the guests, and solves the difference in level through an integrated staircase. Finally, the dining room is located in the highest area, a room surrounded by benches and flanked by vegetation. The color of these plants blends with the rest of the green tones, in a clear desire to build an identity that characterizes the philosophy of this new brand.

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