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Fountains Apartment by Yevheniia Dubrovska


The Fountains apartment’s design by Yevheniia Dubrovska and Valeria Rezukova is a stunning example of how to blend beautiful materials and artistic elements to create a modern and stylish interior. The apartment, located in the modern center of Kyiv, features two floors, with the upstairs housing the living room, kitchen, and a large master wardrobe, and the downstairs featuring all bedrooms, including two teenagers – a boy and a girl stylish bedrooms.

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The owners of the apartment took the choice of art very seriously, and only Ukrainian artists were commissioned for the project. A large canvas by Slava Khomytsky adorns the living room, while a painting by Vova Keno can be found in the hallway. Each work was ordered specifically for this interior, adding a unique and personal touch to the space. Some iconic furniture pieces (like the living room coffee tables with their marble and terrazzo trendy inclusions) as well as the strong presence of artistic lighting installations create a space of exquisite art and modern luxurious stylistics.

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The living room is illuminated by a Vibia chandelier, which adds an architectural element to the space. The apartment features parquet flooring in almost every room, with an edging and graphic patterns that emphasize the shape of each zone. The presence of other exquisite materials like terrazzo, marble, trendy tiling in bathrooms, brass accents, adds sophistication to the whole apartment, especially when paired with graphic wooden base.

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Many shades of blue were used throughout the apartment, from pastel blue to deep emerald blue. When combined with different shades of wood, a feeling of warmth and comfort is achieved. Walk-in closed and cozy reading niches give additional comfort to the design idea. The Fountains apartment is a perfect example of how to blend beautiful materials, artistic elements, and modern design to create a stylish and comfortable living space. The use of different shades of blue, luxurious materials, and parquet flooring, along with the unique artwork and architectural lighting, make this apartment truly one-of-a-kind.

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