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Conceptual Idea of a Homey Decor by Ihor Havrylenko


The Edra Apartment is a modern and creative setting that was created with an emphasis on harmony and usability. The designer has created this concept idea of a living space, perfect for a young girl who is deeply passionate about design and art. To create a one-of-a-kind and visually spectacular environment, the designer combined American modern interior, Italian chic, and Chinese color palettes.

shiatelier edra apartment 3

shiatelier edra apartment 12

The kitchen and bedroom are integrated into one open floor space as a distinctive feature of an youthful dynamic and urban trend. This contributes to the apartment’s overall feeling of scale and space. Trendy and elegant elevated platform hosts the cozy nuke of the bedroom and its pure, calm stylistics. To complete the arrangement of the flat, the designer additionally added a bathroom, dressing room, and panoramic window.

shiatelier edra apartment 13

The designer has used a combination of natural textures and high-end furniture to create a cohesive and inviting space. The build-in kitchen is made with walnut lumber and stone countertop, featuring a ceramic sink and trendy brass – retro stylistic bridge faucet. A custom-made wooden table with historic Wohlert Church Chairs and a white Louis Poulsen PH 5 lamp hanging over it sits in the middle of the kitchen. This setting – created as on altar for food honoring, has a beautiful aesthetics of a framed picture catching different ages.

shiatelier edra apartment 4

The living area is a blend of vintage and modern pieces, featuring a black Karin armchair, orange coffee table, white Mex Cube sofa, and a Marcio Display coffee table. A sliding curtain divides the bedroom space, which has a Kubic 24 bed, a handmade wooden bedside table, and a vintage Domus chair. The bedroom area is elevated by a sizable travertine floor structure, adding drama and visual intrigue.

shiatelier edra apartment 8

The bathroom is designed with a large window built into the top of the wall, allowing natural light to flood the space. The designer has used a combination of high-end fixtures, such as the Artesso faucet by Brizo and Atil sconces by Aromas studio, to create a luxurious and spa-like atmosphere. Overall, with an emphasis on harmony and creative expression, the Edra Apartment is a visually gorgeous and incredibly useful environment. To create a place that is both lovely and inviting, the designer employed a distinctive combination of furnishings, textures, and materials.


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