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Modern Minimalist Interior by ZROBIM architects


In this project ZROBIM architects designed an apartment for a young family with a child. The task here was to create a modern minimalist interior with light ascetic notes. Since the apartment is located in an old house from the 60s, its main advantage is the ceiling height of more than 3 meters. Another characteristic attribute of old houses is the arch formed by the load-bearing wall. ZROBIM architects preserved it and integrated it into the general concept of space, giving the project a special charm.

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One of the main requests of the customers of the project was to use natural, hard-wearing materials in calm light shades. Therefore, as a floor covering we have chosen a light microcement, and the colors of the walls in the apartment are in the general palette of pastel colors: beige, light olive, pale terracotta. The original layout of the apartment was divided into a lot of small rooms, so we decided to change it and create a large common space kitchen-living room, a parental unit with a bedroom, a closet and a study, a children’s room and two bathrooms. At the same time, the children’s and parents’ units are isolated from each other, which allows all family members to comfortably and privately spend time in the apartment.

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There are also some interesting tricks in finishing and materials. The upper part of the walls and the ceiling are finished with white coarser plaster, reminiscent of the apartment’s history. At the same time, most of the walls are occupied by drywall, behind which all the knots are neatly hidden. The transition of the plasterboard into the plasterboard we intentionally made a little lower than the ceiling, to visually increase its height and make the space lighter. Additionally, this effect is enhanced by a hidden baseboard.

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One of the main features of the common space are the wooden soffits, which neatly frame the window openings and repeat the wooden kitchen fronts and the surface of the dining table. The table, by the way, was made to order based on sketches of our designer specifically for this project. In contrast to the pleasant caramel shade of wood are the black dining chairs and the lamp above the table. Such a combination makes the interior lively and dynamic. The core of the living room is a large modular sofa made of light bouclé fabric. In this version, the sofa visually seems like a fluffy soft cloud and adds to the interior coziness. One of the modules of the sofa is a large pouffe, which can be moved around the living room and change the geometry of the space.

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In each of the rooms of this interior we have used unusual design techniques, which make the apartment really unique. For example, in the children’s room we made slots in the furniture structure, which will allow the table top to be raised to the required height as the child grows. In the bathroom we designed a small niche for a shower curtain to make the room look neater. Separately, we should pay attention to the doors: most of them are invisible doors and they merge with the plane of the wall, but one door in the bedroom we have a protruding and accent. Thus, we have managed to create 90 m2 of light, minimalist space, which is filled with unique details and reflects the character, mood and lifestyle of its owners.

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