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Or.nami Unveils Still Life Collection Which Pays Homage to Brutalism


Hefty aesthetics, sculptural forms and cold materials bring to life works which are rough – yet at the same time vividly sincere – that do not wish to sweeten reality and hide the material with its defects, but rather redeem it and be a driver for change. In other words, Brutalism, in its best intentions, aiming to “face up to a mass-production society, and drag a rough poetry out of the confused and powerful forces which are at work.”

still life wallpaper ornami 6

The Still Life wallpaper collection – the new wallpaper range with which Or.nami is inaugurating 2023 – is inspired by and at the same time pays homage to the architectural current of the post-war period. Gabriella Fusillo, founder and artistic director of the brand, thus translates and reinterprets the monumental heft of Brutalist works in a collection with strong expressive power – which reveals a decisive, sculptural and austere nature – refined by unexpected accents of delicate poetry.

still life wallpaper ornami 1

In Still Life, the forms, proportions and colours act as intermediaries and expressions of a design language which is at the same time strong, harmonious and choral, inside which light – like in the paintings of a great artist – delineates unexpected luminous slants which bring out the background colours and emphasise the volumetric and three-dimensional perspectives. Wherever you look, geometries, volumes and perspectives impose their presence by running seamlessly along the walls, in a compact symmetrical aspect which expresses itself through the rigorous authoritativeness of clear patterns, united with the vital strength of bold colours.

still life wallpaper ornami 4

In the reassuring overall perspective, Gabriella then inserts a visual short circuit: the geometric and three-dimensional dimension appears juxtaposed with an organic and natural component, through the emergence of light hints of stylised flora, in an unexpected touch of delicate poetry. The skilful alternation of rules and dispensations thus delineates a spatial unicum in which to move fluidly, following a unique and unrepeatable composite narrative: at the same time lean and austere, poetic and decorative.

still life wallpaper ornami 2

The collection is available on 410 g and 330 g vinyl backers, or on pure silk backing, a high-quality, high-performance material able to guarantee the best results in terms of both colour rendering and ease of hanging. The graphical concept of the collection is 600 cm L x 300 cm H in size, and is totally customisable and adaptable on the basis of specific needs and requirements. The collection is also available in the contract version, a solution developed specifically for standard formats, composed of graphics incorporating the main decorative themes and printed onto 330 g vinyl backer in a 68 cm width.

still life wallpaper ornami 5

Or.nami is a wallpaper design house which studies the original purity of colours in order to adorn living spaces with beauty, light and poetry. An expression of the poetic visions and emotional universe of Gabriella Fusillo, its founder and artistic director, the wallpaper design house delineates residential environments with its creations, modelling the spaces through its own expressive code. Its decorative works are thus housed on the walls, unique objects guided by the creativity of the colour, the exclusive lines and completely customisable patterns. One hundred per cent Italian interior design products, from the design right through to the production – the result of a constant search for ideas, inspirations and inspirations from every area of experience, which Or.nami makes its own and translates into its own unique and unmistakeable expressive language.

still life wallpaper ornami 8

The brand is also currently the only Italian digital wallpaper company which is a licensee of the Natural Color System®© (NCS), a logical colour ordering system based on the way we perceive colours, and the only one able to scientifically code the ten million tones which the human eye is able to distinguish between. The result of over 70 years of research, NCS is based on the six colours – black, white, yellow, red, blue and green – that our eyes identify as fundamental; it is also defined as “the universal language of colours”, as it supports professionals through a unique language able to analyse, select, communicate and control colours, which leaves no room for errors in interpretation.

still life wallpaper ornami 3

For a few months now, Or.nami is adding a new range completely dedicated to parquet flooring to its wallpapers. Once again, this leads to the creation of unique objects, guided by the exclusive form of their lines and completely customisable patterns, where the living force of matter, the traces of time and memory, represent the expressive trait of a unique and vital material. A collection of 100% Italian-made flooring, Or.nami’s parquet features the use of some of the most sought-after wood species – European oak and walnut, teak, bamboo and ipé – is designed for both indoor and outdoor areas, and can be used both for flooring and as a wall covering.

still life wallpaper ornami 7