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7 Tips for Moving Into a Small Apartment


So, you’ve decided to move into a small apartment. Whether you’re downsizing, embarking on a solo living journey, or just looking to save money, moving into a small apartment requires some forward planning. After all, you don’t have all the space in the world to bring all your belongings with you. You’ll also have to get various utilities set up and running, which is an obligation most homeowners and renters will have to face eventually. For a systematic approach, here are some tips to help you have an easier time moving into a small apartment.

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1) Prepare a Moving Timeline
Just like moving homes, you need to prepare a timeline with the tasks you have to do before the actual move-in day. This way, you won’t end up cramming everything last-minute, which can add to the stress of moving. A good rule of thumb is to work your way back up to two months before the move. This gives you ample time to allocate your time effectively while also making room for some wiggle room in case sudden changes occur.
With two months to go prior to the move, you should already have a list of items to take with you, determined your relocation budget and established contact with the landlord. In the next weeks following that, sift through your belongings and pack the right belongings, throw or sell away unwanted items, contact utility companies, and book removalists. Once every action has been fully accomplished, tick them off in your timeline so that you can be better focused on what comes next.

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2) Downsize Your Kitchen and Living Room
Moving into a small apartment means that you’ll have to downsize accordingly. That said, it’s important to start with the kitchen and living room first. Kitchen items such as bulky appliances and gadgets that you rarely use should be taken off the list. Instead, bring items that are multi-functional and of good quality. For example, instead of bringing redundant items like a toaster and a sandwich maker, choose to get just the one that can be used for both.
In a similar vein, if you haven’t been using much of a certain kitchen appliance, it might be best to discard the item and only bring the items you really need. As for the living room, get rid of large furniture such as a sofa and daybeds. First of all, it will be hard to fit into a cramped space. Get a good idea of the layout of your living room and replace the large furniture with appropriately-sized chairs, ottomans, and side tables instead. It’ll help you loads when trying to squeeze into your small apartment.

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3) Use Vertical Space
When your belongings have no other place to settle other than your new apartment’s floorboards, it might be best to make some vertical room. Most small apartments are not blessed with an extensive amount of floor area, so using walls and pieces of furniture to your advantage should be considered. Install floating shelves, stack up crates and boxes of varying heights, add wall brackets for storing items—anything to make use of the vertical space available and give yourself more room.
It’s not just furniture you can use them for either. You can also use the vertical space to hang clothes, store bins and organize various new decor with ArchiPro or other retailers. By doing so, you can showcase a little bit more of your personality and flair across your apartment.

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4) Get Professional Assistance
Although it can be a tempting thought to undertake everything on your own and save some money, do yourself a favour and get professional assistance when moving into a small apartment.
Organising the move and proper handling of furniture takes time and effort—two things that you’re bound to be short on during the final leg of the moving process. While you may call friends and family for assistance, they may not be adequately trained to carry large and delicate items from one place to another. As a substitute, request aid from professional, local movers with Muval. They are well-equipped with the right tools and manpower to help you lift and transport your furniture. Plus, they are insured—giving you an extra layer of security during the move.

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5) Tabulate Your Items
Keeping tabs on your belongings is a surefire way to ensure that you don’t lose any of your belongings throughout the move. Aside from putting them on a spreadsheet software, print a list of items found within each box and paste them onto the moving box for your convenience.
By doing this, the items are easier to keep track of and you won’t have to worry about searching through several boxes just to look for one item. You’ll also be prone to arrange your items more neatly by being organised with your recording method, which can help speed up the unpacking process.
At the same time, ensure that all items are properly labelled with their contents and which room they should be placed in. A well-tabulated list of items can save a lot of trouble and make your move into a small apartment much easier.

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6) Magnify the Apartment
While you may be stuck with a smaller space, you’re free to work with the space you’re given. Instal various lights, mirrors, and even a statement wall to provide the illusion of a spacious interior.
The paint colour you choose can also make a difference. As a rule of thumb, choose light, airy colours over deeper hues to create the illusion of a bigger space. And if you’re feeling creative, you can even paint an accent piece or mural to add your unique spin!

7) Use Multi-Purpose Furniture
Living in a tiny space means that you need to be extra mindful of the furniture you purchase. No one wants their home to look like a hoarder’s haven, after all. To save on space, opt for multi-purpose items such as ottomans with storage compartments and sofa beds.

Not only will they double up as two pieces of furniture at once, but they can also save a great deal of space in the long run. What’s more, they come in various sizes and designs to fit your small apartment—allowing you to maximize every corner of your living space.

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