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Best Housewarming Gifts For Your Friends & Loved Ones


When your friends or loved ones move into a new home, it is an exciting time and can often mean the start of a new chapter in their lives. So, this is the perfect time to send them a housewarming gift to help make their move extra special. However, sometimes it can be tough to choose the right thing.

bamboo bedding 1
When thinking about a gift, it is a good idea to pick something practical and useful they can use time and again in the new home. Moving into a new home is fun and exciting but also an expensive business with many things to buy. You can make your friends’ and loved ones’ things to buy list shorter and buy them something practical they actually need.

bamboo bedding 7

Buying luxurious bedding is a great idea. Choose something that is good quality and can be used all year round. To keep them cosy in the winter and cool in the summer. An excellent option is the bamboo bedding from Panda London, which is sumptuously soft like Egyptian cotton and hypoallergenic and breathable. The clever design also means that it becomes softer with each wash to ensure a cosy sleep time and time again, which has to be a great gift.

bamboo bedding 2
After a busy day climbing under a soft, sumptuous duvet and resting your head on a cloud-soft pillow is a great way to drift off into a restful slumber. However, this can be quite an investment when you are just moving into a new home and can lead to purchasing a substandard duvet and pillow, leading to a disrupted night’s sleep.

Choosing a good quality duvet and pillows which will last for years and keep your friend or loved one’s cosy is a gift that will keep giving. Select a high-quality, hypoallergenic, breathable duvet that can be used all year round. The bamboo duvet is as soft as silk and luxuriously soft, perfect for snuggling under for a restful night’s sleep, whatever the weather.

bamboo bedding 6

The gift of a good night’s sleep is something most people will love, and it often starts with a quality pillow, making it an excellent housewarming gift; look for a pillow that will give support and comfort night after night. Bamboo pillows are perfectly soft and supportive and are designed to provide the fresh side of the pillow feel night after night. To ensure a good night’s sleep and to keep the sleeper cool, helping them to wake from a restful night ready for the day ahead.

bamboo bedding 3
There are fewer better feelings than stepping out of a steamy bath or shower into a soft fluffy towel which envelops you with comfort and softness. However, all too often, towels can be more like exfoliating sheets and make the end of a bath or shower far less luxurious. Giving a housewarming gift of bamboo towels is a fabulous way to add comfort and luxury to someone’s life. They are super soft, eco-friendly, ultra-absorbent and anti-bacterial.

bamboo bedding 4
If your friends and loved ones already have all they need for bedding and towels, a plant can make a cute little addition to a new home. A low-maintenance option like a cactus or a succulent is often best, especially if they don’t have green fingers or are inclined to forget to water them!

When friends or loved ones move into a new home, it is an exciting time, but it can also be expensive with a long list of things they need to make their house a cosy home. Buying them something practical and luxurious can help them make that list just a little shorter and get them off to a great start in their new home.

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