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Casa AVE by Alessia Iacovoni


The apartment is located within the new residential complex Domus Aventino, in the historic center of Rome, Italy. The goal of this project was to adapt the apartment’s spaces to the new needs of a family, without upsetting the distribution of the apartment and working with custom- made furniture and targeted interventions to create a second bedroom.

casa ave 9

Outdoor spaces are the apartment’s prerogative, overlooking the beautiful inner courtyard and the neighborhood. The ethereal colors of the natural oak flooring and white walls make the space minimal, cozy and warm, framed by the travertine finishes of the terraces.

casa ave 7

casa ave 5

Custom carpentry adopts soft colors for the bedroom furniture, the headboard of the bed, and the entryway paneling. Smoothed, milled lacquered wood panels create elegant tone-on-tone geometries, also used for the custom-made iron furniture on the terraces. The purity of this atmosphere is then enhanced by the placement of selected designer furniture. Strong black contrasts were used for the kitchen block, bookcase and lights, and a Carrara marble top for the table in the center of the living room.

casa ave 6

casa ave 8

casa ave 11

casa ave 1

casa ave 2

casa ave 4

casa ave 3