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Afterwork, Afterbike, Aftershopping in Contact with the Street


The small bar is located on the ground floor of an apartment building near a shopping center and through the minimalistic idea juxtaposes the culture of consummation and simultaneously elevates the urban experience. Minimalistic and raw, elegant and pure in lines the place concept are both light and with straight forward statement of design. Rough concrete surfaces alternate with elegant stainless steel appliances, delicate lights with soft velvet. Welcome to After.

bar after bratislava 1

The creator – Martin Skoček, of the Bar AFTER concept in Bratislava, Slovakia used the name of the venue as a clever and playful description of its purpose. “Afterwork, afterbike, aftershopping in contact with the street”- states the designer Martin Skoček. And that gives us a clear guideline for the dynamic, urban character of the place. It’s clear that the décor composition is created to match that identity. A beautiful connection exists between the city street and the front-row sitting elements, a minimalist concrete and stainless steel aesthetics ( a reverence to the urban inspiration of the design) and elegant lighting scheme are the hallmarks of the door idea. Artistic light installation, shining with honey light in the shape of an A (alluding to the name of the space) greets the visitors of the hub coffee. The linear sequence of the suspended minimalist lamps that align with the A-installation is another beautiful detail of the exquisite idea of the design.

bar after bratislava 3

The dominant feature of the long, narrow space of this dynamic urban arrangement is the custom created concrete bar. Its natural, raw texture is matched by the soft gray finish of the rest of the design. Cozy sitting nukes upholster in velvet gray give a refuge in the faraway corner of the space. For more communicative urban experience the visitors can select the trendy bar stools arranged around the panoramic windows. Variety of sitting accommodations are cleverly arranged in this small space. The whole design is sustained in elegant minimalist language with urban-industrial note. Pfoto: Matej Hakár;

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