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ABEAR Skin Care Center by Hoool Design


This project is designed for skin management, using natural wood skin, stone, metal, special paint and other main materials, spreading the texture of the materials. It is hoped that the space will show the natural touch of the skin of life changing with time, so that customers who come to this space can present a more relaxed attitude of experience, and arouse the original desire of feeling beauty at the bottom of their hearts. The designer conveys a simple, quiet, inward form and rich dynamic and dynamic spatial intention.

hoooldesign 9

The curved space main hall conveys women’s positive attitude and interprets the power of life. At the same time, the curve also represents a soft spatial form, conveying the common power of space and life. Explanations, meetings, simple meals… The diverse functions of the hall also bring vitality to the space, and consumption, display and communication are perfectly combined.

hoooldesign 12

The flow of space moving line creates a public rest space for visitors to stop, relax and meditate. Rhythm and rhythm can also be felt in the moving lines leading to various functional areas. The richness of space modeling also gives direction to the line of sight, so that the audience who are about to face surprises and unknown can strongly feel the power of space.

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