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DOTS apartment by Alta Idea Design Studio


Each project reflects the energy and nature of the homeowner. As a rule, we receive a number of restrictions and requests from the client, which gives an impetus to our work. This interior, however, was designed for a rental apartment, so it didn’t have any particular image. That’s why we decided to design a space where we would like to live ourselves.

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The original layout of the apartment didn’t appeal to us very much. Therefore, we removed some elements and partition walls in order to arrange reasonable and convenient life scenarios. Having changed the layout, we managed to create a large walk-in wardrobe and a spacious common room with huge windows overlooking a picturesque lake.

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The common room accommodates a U-shaped kitchen unit that reaches the ceiling, a built-in dishwasher, a fridge and closets with ample storage space. We like this arrangement a lot – a smart zoning solution, which is both elegant and functional. As a result, we have a common room which is a convenient space for cooking and hanging out with your family and friends. Originally, we were thinking of placing a TV set in this room but later we turned down this idea. It appears that fewer and fewer people watch TV these days. Hopefully, this living room with a wonderful view and incredible sunsets will encourage the dwellers to enjoy nature and company. As for the TV set, we actually placed one in the bedroom so that the homeowners could indulge themselves and lie in snugly with a good Netflix movie.

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The floor in the common room features beautiful tiles with a smooth transition from beige to mocha color with a pinch of nacre. The bedroom floor is clad with three-layer parquet boards. All areas laid with tiles have underfloor heating installed to give extra comfort to the homeowners.

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We placed a huge wall-to-wall wardrobe in the master bedroom. This will be a convenient place for storing clothes and bedding. Some space near the window is left unoccupied. One can do yoga or practice meditation here. If this apartment is rented by a family with a small child, they can put a baby cot here. Or a dressing table if the lady who is going to live here is a makeup fan. On the whole, the interior design for this apartment turned out to be delicate and a little dreamy. Yet functional and practical at the same time.

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Project name: DOTS; Designer: Julia Baydyk; Studio: Alta Idea Design Studio; Location: Kyiv; Area: 53 m²; Year of completion: 2021; Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov; Photo stylist: Konstantyn Kondakov;

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