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Apartment in the City Center Redesigned for a Growing Family by Kilo / Honč studio


Apartment in the city center redesigned for a growing family by Kilo/Honč studio. Several elements are also clearly legible in the 1927 apartment. The project, tailored to the needs and requirements of a young family, once again creates unexpected moments. Solutions that work only in a given space and for a specific client.

kilo honc 2

The project presented in details by Richard Kilo and Matej Honč: “The space of the apartment is divided into two areas: transitional rooms, the original frieze floor, double-winged doors, and second area facing the courtyard, which shows numerous layers of alterations and additions.

kilo honc 3

We put only the necessary into the space, what is of value to us. We want more air, views, moods and flowers. Framework for shared moments.

kilo honc 7

We create an “infinite space” in which we try to circle the movement. We don’t want to come to the end of the corridor, turn around and go back. We are inspired by nature, we encourage playfulness.

kilo honc 1

There is no vestibule in the design. After opening the front door, we come directly to the circle of the family, to the big table. We are focused on creating plans to maintain the airiness. From common – social to the most intimate.”

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