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Baovan Restaurant by CLAP Studio


Our challenge was to create an experience in accordance with the spirit and personality of Baovan, a brand linked to the sea and with a very specific brand claim “Beers, beach, and baos”. Our goal was to transport the user to a beach from where to watch the sunset and enjoy some handmade baos, so we created a whole experience around it.

baovan restaurant clap studio 8

baovan restaurant clap studio 9

We divide the space into three distinct areas that the user discovers as he or she enters the space. From the outside we discover “the forest”, a porch full of ropes that fall from the ceiling representing a dense vegetation. Once the user crosses the forest, he discovers the beach and its sunset. A screen in the shape of a half-moon attracts the user’s eyes.

baovan restaurant clap studio 1

This screen programmed by Vitamin Studio recreates the colors of a sunset and is programmed to match its duration to dinner service. The interior shows a constant duality of colors that takes us in and out of the water. On the ceiling, we recreate a blanket of clouds that brings a magical atmosphere to the interior reflecting the lights of the sunset that is in constant movement. Baovan hides one more area, a reserved area for 10 people where you can have dinner in the moonlight.

baovan restaurant clap studio 11

Round and crescent shapes are repeated throughout the space inspired by the shape of the bao bread. From the windows that connect the exterior to the interior, to the lighting installation, to the Baovan chairs designed exclusively for the restaurant that represents the shape of an open bao bread.

baovan restaurant clap studio 5

Architects: CLAP Studio; Year : 2021; Photographs :Daniel Rueda;

baovan restaurant clap studio 4

baovan restaurant clap studio 3

baovan restaurant clap studio 6

baovan restaurant clap studio 2