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Brando Ice Cream Shop by SOLAR


Brando investigates the relationship between visual perception and the phenomenology of color with the aim of developing a new commercial model where consumption is understood as an atmospheric experience. Located in the historic center of Madrid, the project is based on three fundamental premises: a reduced budget, the development of a recognizable image, and a limited execution time.

brando ice cream shop solar 4

With these starting points, the creation of an artificial landscape is proposed where the perception of scale is blurred through the ubiquitous use of color. This strategy responds to an economy of means as an ecological manifesto, avoiding demolitions to minimize the generation of waste while allowing the space to be unified and the different historical layers of the premises to be visible.

brando ice cream shop solar 4

The program is organized into two parallel bands separated by a piece covered with projected polyurethane foam that meets the needs of the program, acting in turn as a counter, bar, and worktop, and which provides the residual space with maximum flexibility.

brando ice cream shop solar 5

Lastly, a circular luminaire made of stretched fabric stands as the central element of the space and a focus of attention from the outside. In addition, thanks to the color variation throughout the day, this piece provides the premises with multiple physical and psycho-emotional qualities.

brando ice cream shop solar 2

Architects: Marta Jarabo, SOLAR; Year: 2022; Photographs: Imagen Subliminal (Miguel de Guzmán + Rocío Romero);

brando ice cream shop solar 3