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Atelier SZ by Anil Atelier


The need for a fluid, timeless and striking space guided the concept of this project. The family office supports meetings, exhibitions, and small cultural gatherings among friends. The clients, who love to host, were looking for a space where everyone could feel at home.

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The aim was to create a blank canvas for the curatorship of elements that would enhance the office personality, making the experience between spaces dynamic and comfortable. The use of natural wood and the off-white paneling highlight the sobriety of the materials. The sculptural and colorful furniture contrasts with the perimeter sober base.

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We wanted to propose the ambiance and the feel of an art gallery so that clients would have layout flexibility and freedom to change the art pieces and furniture over the years. Curves play a central role in the space: just like in an exhibition, the curved flow directs users and creates surrounding and welcoming living areas. The sofa by the window and the support yellow modules provide numerous scenarios of spatial distribution.

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The Brazilian design items bring into focus the objects’ tropical vibes and uniqueness. Among the furniture, we highlight the fluid and contemporary lines of Sofá Pedra by Roberta Banqueri, the combination between the lightness and protagonism of Banco Dominó by Claudia Moreira Salles, and São Paulo’s pure geometric shapes through Giácomo Tomazzi’s Poltrona Bo.

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Architects: Anil Atelier; Area: 100 m²; Year: 2021; Photographs: Roberta Gewehr; Manufacturers: Tarkett, De Carli Selected Stones, Divisa Brasil, Reflexa Cortinas e Persianas, Schwalm Decorações; Lead Architect: Isadora Wagner Corte Real, Samuel Dall Alba;

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