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P63 Apartment by DA bureau


P63 is a small urban apartment designed for one of our regular clients. Most of his time, he stays with his family in the country and comes downtown only on business for 1-2 days. When commencing this design project, we were faced with the challenging task of efficiently organising the space in a relatively small apartment and making it as functional as possible.

P63 apartment 1

P63 apartment 3

We decided to focus on 3D space organisation. Thus, we have created an object in the form of a cube that logically divided the central space of the apartment into several zones. On one side of the space, there is a kitchen, and on the other side, a rather large storage area is placed; this allowed us to keep the hallway and the entrance area both neat and functional. Also, we designed a small working area inside this volumetric object.

P63 1

As the main concept of the apartment, we strived to create something completely different from the client’s country house, where black colour predominates. So, we wanted to make the space in the apartment bright, concise, and pure. That is why we selected white as a colour for all surfaces. Meanwhile, a functional volumetric green cube became the visual accent of the design.

P63 apartment 2

The setting of the apartment is designed in a concise and minimalist manner, with almost no decor. To emphasise the geometry of the space, we used shadow profiles and hidden skirting boards. The interior is based on minimalist and well-designed structures that make an unpretentious space look complex and compelling.


Year: 2021; Total area: 120 m2; Location: Tallinn, Estonia; Photos by: Dmitrii Tsyrenshchikov​​​​​​​;

P63 apartment 8

P63 apartment 4


P63 apartment 6

P63 apartment 9

P63 apartment 7

P63 apartment 11