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Sideria by Ponomarenko bureau


“Sideria” is a mono-format cider bar. A project in which we reacted to the history of cider in post-Soviet countries. It is a small container with windows on three sides. Our task was to create an atmospheric bar with a small wall area, in which people would feel comfortable wherever they were inside the bar. We based the design on the history of how and when cider appeared in the post-Soviet countries. We analyzed all the available material and found certain similarities between the bars of the 60s and 70s. Budget materials: tiles, plywood panels with a lot of well-designed details.

sideria ponomarenko bureau 2

sideria ponomarenko bureau 3

The basis of our planning solution is a long table. It’s a 999 meter long table that works at multiple heights. It starts near the entrance and it was necessary to develop a solution that would be comfortable for the people who sit by the table. To do that, we placed high seating so that people standing in the queue wouldn’t rub up against the people seated there, but would be visually at the same level as the people seated on the bar stools. But on the other side of the table we wanted to create a convenient and comfortable place for the company of people who want to sit longer. So we placed two sofas with deep seating in which people can relax. In order to place the sofa at the table 1100mm high we made a podium. This made it possible to make a single flat table with no drop downs with seating at different heights.

sideria ponomarenko bureau 1

sideria ponomarenko bureau 7

On the table we put an old TV ” Kharkiv”. We managed to find an old TV model with the brand name of the city where the project is located. On this TV set a movie is shown from the moment of Ponomarenko Bureau presentation till the moment of the bar realization. Besides a long table we have an area with a high table which can be used for a company of up to 3 people. This area is highlighted on the floor with a wooden disc which “flows” over the window. Radial, semicircular elements go through the whole project, smooth shapes and roundings are inherent in the 60-70s.

sideria ponomarenko bureau 9

sideria ponomarenko bureau 8


In our project we used several textures and materials: dark plywood, white tiles, stainless steel. We used the cheapest sort of plywood and experimented a lot to give it depth, good tone and level of matte/gloss.
In addition to the cheap plywood, the simplest white tile was chosen and beaten and tiled. At the entrance in the semi-circle we left an easter egg, it’s a throwback to the very first concept of this project. Maybe we’ll do a project using this material at some point, but that’s not what we’re talking about right now.

sideria ponomarenko bureau 4


On the ceiling we have a pipeline, in addition to lighting we hid the ventilation there. We installed ventilation on the sides and the lighting below. When designing the bar we tested the space in VR together with the clients, checked ergonomics and all pathways. Because the context forces us to make compromises and use the space as effectively as possible.

sideria ponomarenko bureau 11

Architects: Ponomarenko bureau, Volodymyr Ponomarenko; Project Area: 26 м2; Project Year: 2021; Location: Kharkiv, Ukraine; Photo credits: Ivan Avdeenko photography; Film photo credits: Volodymyr Ponomarenko;

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sideria ponomarenko bureau

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