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Green Apartment by ZROBIM architects


ZROBIM architects designed this interior for a young couple who mostly works at home in the IT area. The architects needed to make the space equally comfortable for recreation and functional for long-term work. They made this interior in the style of soft natural minimalism, emphasizing the surrounding forest outside the window with green elements in the rooms, thereby establishing a connection between the interior and exterior – one of the fundamental principles of our bureau’s work.

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We originally got an apartment with two bathrooms from the builder. But we decided to give up one of them in order to create a large common space, where it will be nice to spend time. From the rooms we have arranged in an apartment common space of a living room, kitchen and dining room, two bedrooms – a guest bedroom and a master bedroom, a separate hallway and one bathroom.

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The main feature of the apartment is the “cube”, which is located in the center. On the one hand, it divides the space: it helps to separate the living area from the hallway. On the other hand, it unifies the interior, as it is decorated in the same finish.

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” – When you enter the apartment, the cube is the first thing we see, so it was important to make it accentuated, but also functional. Another interesting trick is the side wall of this cabinet, which flows into a “fence” for one of the workstations. Since the lifestyle of our clients implies a remote work format, it was important to place a neat and functional working place. This wall is made of tinted glass, which has a bronze dusting on the living room side. Thanks to this, you can’t see what’s in the cabinet from the seating area, and the cabinet, on the contrary, gets additional light into the cabinet.”

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The main element of the living room is a large modular sofa of a pleasant milky shade, which allows to think of different scenarios of life in this space.
Since the kitchen is part of the common space, it was important for us to hide all the appliances as much as possible and we achieved this by using black facades. And we tried to do this with color. The cooking area is highlighted by the black part. The washbasin with mixer tap, induction hob and built-in appliances are of the same color. The surface is covered in cashemire paint, which provides matte look and pleasant tactile sensation.

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“To combine the common space with the living rooms, we used sliding doors. When the doors are open, the living room area flows seamlessly into the bedroom, making the apartment seem even larger. And if you want to achieve privacy, all you have to do is close the door, which will look like a wall.”
In the manufacture of the podium under the bed, we made many samples in order to achieve the desired shade of green, which would look natural and harmonize with the overall color of the apartment. This construction not only visually unifies the space of the bedroom, but also provides additional storage space. From the bedroom we get to the insulated loggia, where we provided a place for a quiet rest.

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