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Neutrale Store by Estudio DIIR


Inspired and moved by the Balearic aesthetic that characterizes fashion brand NEUTRALE, the project stems from rigorous research into Mediterranean ideals. This starting point, together with the principles that we studied in previous collaborations, among which its motto “Less but better” stands out, constitutes the cornerstone on which the proposal is built.

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In order to transfer these premises to the environment of this commercial space, the result is understood as a vernacular and welcoming place. Sustainable mortar and ceramics become the driving force of the project and provide the most representative shades of the Mediterranean. These materials contrast with the forcefulness of the granite bar. This element acts as a support for specialty coffee and avant-garde gastronomy, and thanks to its presence, makes these two elements the main protagonists of the project.

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The three ceramic benches become the devices that allow tasting the gastronomic product. The main bench, which runs along one side of the space, is accompanied by a series of pieces designed by the Spanish firm Ondarreta. The second device is understood as a central element. It guides the public and separates the bar from the tasting area by means of a barrier made of natural vegetation. This grows in a pot integrated into the structure of the bench itself. The last device is located on the façade and acts as a physical limit with the outside, allowing Regueros Street to be enjoyed thanks to its double interior-exterior condition.

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Architects: Estudio DIIR; Area : 65 m²; Year : 2021; Photographs :David Zarzoso; Manufacturers : Ceramicas Mora, Fenix Interiors, Forum Stone, MORTEX, Wenceslao García Pintura; Lead Architects : Ricardo Fernández, David Meana, Ignacio Navarro, Iñigo Palazón;

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