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Raw Materials for the Design of the New Pizzeria Pomidoros


Laconic and stylish, this pizzeria décor project entwines warm hues, shining metal accents, and raw materials expression of the base. The project located in Biala Tserkva, Ukraine and executed by designer Olga Paliychuk offers a modern, almost industrial social hub ambiance for the enjoyment of delicious Italian cuisine and getting a daily dose of social bites.

pizzeria pomidoros bt paliychuk olga design 1

Several strong design accents capture the visitor’s attention from the entrance and keep it until the end of the space development. A fantastic lighting project with expressive and unusual lamps and installations illuminates this urban-style small pizzeria.

pizzeria pomidoros bt paliychuk olga design 11

We love the red terrazzo tiles and tabletops – which are untypical read-on hot trend (using terrazzo in unusual forms and application). This reddish hue pairs – up very well with the brown metro- tiles cladding of walls, rims, and the main counter. In opposition to those warm ceramic and stone accents comes the shining metal details – from the impressive exposed piping on the ceiling to the stylish frames of tables, chairs, and other furniture details.

pizzeria pomidoros bt paliychuk olga design 2


A retro sitting bench upholstered in brown leather-like material gives a soft, welcoming accent to the otherwise austere and not super inviting sitting arrangement of the space. And probably one of the most artistic and capturing décor details of this stylish space design is the coarse walls’ fish that gives a dynamic accent to the interior.

pizzeria pomidoros bt paliychuk olga design 8


Architects: Paliychuk Olga Design; Area : 94 m²; Year : 2021; Photographs :Mikhail Pavenin; Manufacturers : pro pro; Lead Architects : Paliychuk Olga;

pizzeria pomidoros bt paliychuk olga design 5


pizzeria pomidoros bt paliychuk olga design 7