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Apartment in Bratislava by Studio Cakov+Partners


Modern urban luxury with impeccable style and a hint of mid-century modern stylistics. In this concrete palace, with its organic material richens, the panoramic windows secure not only abundant light to illuminate the exquisite design but also introduce a beautiful skyline view of Bratislava’s urban scenery.

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This urban context can be felt in the whole designers’ concept – raw concrete slabs for a foundation, purist hart of the décor composition enriched by luxurious and expressive materials and geometrical shapes. The Studio Cakov+Partners created a place that can age and develop with its owners but still carries the contemporary feel of its time.

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The play of contrasts in the material selection between the light veneer, black metal and frames, light gray soft furniture, and raw concrete base is an intriguing and dynamic décor approach. The main living space (“the day zone”) is opened in a boundless flow where functional zones – kitchen, dining, and living room- are defined by dynamic changes in the spatial flow and geometrical configuration of crones, panoramic windows, and concrete structures.

apartment bratislava 3

This characteristic architectural approach gives identity and additional modern urban edge to the décor composition. The designers used customized fittings, a neutral color palette, organic materials, and light textures and left the dynamic modern composition to speak by itself. The soft pastel colors of the child’s room contrast with the dramatic black modern shine of the bathrooms, the vast panoramic windows, and cute outside terraces give a backdrop to the light wooden veneer and customized fittings. The apartment’s décor offers multiple angles from which one can enjoy the overall concept.

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